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What is WeTransfer and how to send large files in Spanish

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In this Guide on what WeTransfer is , you will see how it works in 2021 in Spanish and how to send large and heavy files for. Therefore, free, easily and simply with this tool. Due to the rise of teleworking and being in a globalized work environment, the demand for digital tools that allow sending large numbers of files has become important. That’s why today I want to show you what WeTransfer. Therefore, is and how it works , so that you can learn how to get the most out of this great tool that will. Therefore, surely make your life easier when sending images, documents, files, etc.

WeTransfer is designed for those users who need

For example, with Gmail you can only send up to 25 MB of files to a top industry data user while with Wetransfer you can send up to 2 GB with the free. Therefore, version . You’re starting to see the usefulness of it, right? If you do not want complications, this is your platform, since neither you nor the person who is going to receive the file needs to be registered in WeTransfer , which gives it tremendous convenience. Therefore, compared to its competitors such as DropBox, or Google Drive . Do you want to know the tool better? To do this, I am going to tell you now the advantages of Wetransfer and its disadvantages. WeTransfer: Advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, Advantages of using WeTransfer in the free version You can use it without having to create an account. 

Conclusion about WeTransfer what it is and how it works

As you have seen in this Guide on SWB Directory what Wetransfer is, it is possible to send large files easily, without. Therefore, complications and for free. I have been using it for years, and it is great for me when I want to send presentations or videos to clients and other colleagues since they are usually heavy files that are impossible to send by email. I hope this article is very useful and encourages you to try the tool now. What did you think of. Therefore, WeTransfer, do you use it? If you have already used it, tell me what you think of it and if you have just discovered it, I encourage you to try. Therefore, sending files through this platform and tell me your experience. 

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Where to learn and what it takes to make a living from trading

Do you Where to want to know what trading is ? What does it take to be a trader? Or what types of. Therefore, trading exist? If you are not sure, in this guide you will see what trading is, what you need to be a trader, where to learn this specialty and the best options trading platforms. Trading is a booming activity in recent years and is increasingly popular around the world, but there is still a lot of ignorance about the concept. And since in this blog I often talk about personal branding. Therefore, (my specialty), digital marketing or ways to make money on the Internet and with a blog , I think this topic could be interesting. Therefore, for those who come to this blog looking for ways to monetize on the Internet . 

Points necessary to do the best online trading Where to

In addition to training, you have to keep category email list in mind that to trade you need: 1- Have a personal computer The. Therefore, most advisable thing is that it be a laptop (to be able to operate from anywhere) and a good internet connection (that does not drop when you are going to carry out an operation). 2- Train yourself with valuable and recognized training If you are going to invest in trading you have to know what you are doing. And that is why training is. Therefore, essential to avoid mistakes and financial losses that can harm your personal economy. As in all sectors, there are also “thousands” of online and in-person courses and. Therefore, training on this topic. But are they really the right ones for learning.

Define the broker to use

When you have your training SWB Directory and feel willing and able to. Therefore, operate, you must define which will be your “broker” or trading platform that you are going to use. There are many options. My recommendation is that you choose a broker that offers: A multimarket platform. In which you can access different markets and products from the same broker. Analysis tools to. Therefore, know when is the best height to operate. Various types of real-time graphs of the behavior of. Therefore, the product with which you are going to operate. Price history of different markets and securities and see their behavior history. 

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How to use Video Cyborg to download online videos

In this mini post you will see what How to VideoCyborg is and how to use video cyborg to. Therefore, download online videos (MP3 to MP4) from any website or social network with videocyborg. There are many platforms to download videos on the Internet for free, but the problem is that many of them do not work well or have websites full of advertising, which makes the download process. Therefore, difficult. Therefore, in this article you will learn about video cyborg or VideoCyborg, you will see how it works and the complementary tools it offers and that provide great. Therefore, value for those of us who create content. If you want to know what they are, keep reading the post.

Other VideoCyborg Tools You Should Know How to

In addition to cyborg videos , the platform industry email list offers other applications: Image : you can download images from. Therefore, any website, convert text into an image (interesting for creating infographics, for example), create collages, convert images into comics, compress the image in JPG, PNG, WEBP, SVG or GIF, even put a mask on a side of the photo, etc. Office : You can split Excel sheets into separate files or create an Excel spreadsheet with up to 500 images inserted automatically. Pdf : transform an image into. Therefore, PDF in seconds (up to 50 images at a time), compress the weight of the. Therefore, PDF without losing quality, convert PDF to JPG or PNG. Social : Convert Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts into an image. 

Alternatives to video to download free videos

If you are looking for SWB Directory an alternative to I recommend that you try. Therefore, Truely , in its Online Video Converters section it recommends the 10 best of the month. Also, I recommend you check out this article with the best YouTube to MP4 and MP3 converter to download YouTube videos in 2021 . The advantages of this alternative tool in relation to videocyborg are: Play and listen to each search result. Therefore, on your page before downloading the file. It also allows you to download the video also in. Therefore, MP3 format without leaving the page. I also recommend these 7 pages to download YouTube videos for free online. 

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Unlocking Product Industry Opportunities

That do not make the cut, we are going to Unlocking Product validate the economic potential of each one, prioritizing those that can give us the most money and discarding those that are most likely not going to give us anything . To do this, we paint an Excel again and place volume, price and potential in a column. Estimation of the economic potential of a niche Estimation of the economic potential of a niche In the volume we put the monthly traffic of the main keyword (not global, but of the country in which you work with Amazon), in the price the average of the products with reviews of that type that are sold on.

Many of you will be Unlocking Product thinking that we need to take many things

Amazon and in the column that says “potential” we multiply the category email list volume. By the price by the commission and by 1% (estimate of the final conversion). Volume * Price * Commission * 1/100 With that we can get closer to estimating how much money. A URL for that keyword can give us if we position it in the top positions of Google. Disclaimer: Many of you will be thinking. That we need to take many things into account, but believe me that after. Doing many niches, this calculation is quite close to reality. And even if it didn’t, it still helps us see which keywords have more potential than others, which is what we want at this point.

Estimation of the economic potential of a niche In the volume

Do you want SWB Directory to go deeper into this section? Video in! What do you have to do next? With these 2 points resolved, you are ready to filter all the niche ideas you have to select a few that have potential. Lots of potential. Because with this article I want, above all, to encourage you to get started . And for that very reason, Dean and I have organized a webinar for Monday, September 6 in which we are going to delve into all this and show a strategy (that almost no one applies) to accelerate the positioning of an Amazon niche.  Additionally, we are going to reveal a unicorn niche for Google

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Your Competitive Advantage in the Product Industry

Once we have a list of niches with possible potential, we are going. Your Competitive to do keyword research on each of them. And since we don’t want to be amateurs and we want to do it professionally. We are not going to focus only on search volumes. Instead let’s focus on 2 aspects. Validation on Amazon And potential estimation. In order to analyze all the keywords based on these 2 parameters. We first have to find all the keywords. In this article we will not delve into how to do it because in B30 there are already specific keyword research articles like this one .

Validation on Amazon Your Competitive And potential estimation In order

But once we have them all, we paint industry email list them in Excel and proceed to the screening. Validate products on Amazon It must be taken into account that in this type of niche the main article is buying guides : that is, top 5, top 7, top 10… of the article for which we are trying to position. For this reason, and in the same way that we validated the main keyword of a niche before, we have to make sure for each keyword if there are at least 5 products with at least 20 or 30 reviews on each one.

URL was getting traffic do you know how much money

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about SWB Directory and I’ve suffered it firsthand. For a long time, I was first for the KW “Electrocoup F3015 electric scissors” , a product that costs a whopping €1,843 but it only has one review on Amazon. Even though the URL was getting traffic, do you know how much money it generated? Not a cent. So if this requirement is not met, I tell you that you are not going to eat a donut. Estimate the economic potential of each niche Once we have filtered all the keywords and discarded the product.

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Product Industry Leaders’ Contact Information

 These 2 factors, which are the only ones Product Industry that many amateur nichers take into account , explain themselves: The more searches for the product in the country you are going to (be careful with global volumes), the better. The less competition for the product in the country you are going to, the better. This second point is a little more subjective and comes from experience, but a good way to start is to analyze the top 10 results of your search and ask yourself questions like : Can I make a more vertical website than them? Can I make better content than them.

The less competition for Product Industry the product in the country

Can I layout my own better than top industry data them (make a good desktop and mobile design , have a good above the fold , comparative tables, unique images,…)? Can I have better links than them? If there are enough yeses to these questions, a good sign. Whether it has (or not) seasonality It is the least important factor . But it’s still important. If you just attack a product that is sold in summer and start the niche in February, you will not be able to position yourself for that summer, and having to wait almost a year and a half to see a cent with a niche is bad business.

If you just attack a product that is sold in summer

Even so, some of the most profitable SWB Directory niches for. Me have been with seasonal products. So this column is not so important. With all this data in mind, my recommendation is to make a table and evaluate. All the products that we have come up with. It should look something like this. List of possible niches to attack List of possible niches to attack. Anyway, if you want to go deeper into all these points, see how I fill out the table and how I validate 4 bad products and 5 good ones, I leave you a video in which I show you how to do it step by step: How to differentiate between keywords that make money and keywords that take away focus.

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The power of concentration to improve your production

The power of concentration to improve your production by Victor. Campuzano | 4 Jul 2014 |Therefore, Professional development and entrepreneurship | 10 Comments Yep. Therefore,I promised and here is my new reflection. She was already. Therefore, playing, right? This one, which is going to be small, can be summed up with an authentic truth: “the fewer things you do,Therefore, the. Better you do them.” Therefore,As. What not. always?. Therefore,Yujuuu debate. He shoots for the comments himself to see what you think …Therefore, If not, wait and see.

My “pepitos crickets”: Jobs and Berto López

During these June holidays I have. been able to finish reading a book that I started a . long time ago and that I really loved: the biography of Jobs .Therefore. I loved it because I was able to learn several super interesting top industry data things. from it: The details are much more than very important. This man became . obsessed with what the internal screws (that only technicians see) of the first Mac had to be like. These are . details that someone oriented and focused . on money would never cover but that, . Therefore,taken together, create a. Climate of excellence around the product . Therefore. I very much agree and believe that it can be extended to any area, company and product. Taking care of the smallest detail is essential .

Offering a comprehensive product can improve its quality

Another thing that I liked was Jobs’ position of . controlling both the Software, . the Hardware, the Marketing. the sales, the advertising,Therefore, Therefore,the technical service, the tools… That is, everything. This is SWB Directory what allowed them to launch iTunes and revolutionize the music industry with the iPod and it is what has allowed them to make theirTherefore, products really easy to use, powerful and quality.Therefore,. I also believe that this requires a great effortTherefore, but that a . product managed entirely by a . Therefore,common manager can result in an increase in its quality.

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Change something to boost your creativity and productivity

This post is a reflection on how a simple change in our work routine can enhance the development of our creativity and productivity. If you know me, you will know that I always start my posts by telling you something fun or, at least, relaxed and everyday. But not today, today I can’t. Today I do not feel happy after seeing what has happened in France . I can’t believe these things still happen, in these times. A real shame.

A small change in your routine

Stop for a moment to think. How many hours do you spend in front of your computer screen? How long doing the same things? Repeating very similar tasks? With the same open category email list programs? Surely, as in my case, the answer will be something like “many, more than I would like (for the same money, of course, hehehehehe)”. TRUE? And how much time do you spend on the customization options of those applications? And what about the work environment? Surely you have never done it or perhaps you did it once and you have not changed it again.

Some suggestions that you can carry out.

As I have told you before, it is not about changing your wallpaper but rather making many “small changes” to everything you use daily. Do you want some suggestions? Change the desktop background, window color SWB Directory and font of your Operating System. Windows, Linux and Mac (any operating system) offer different customization options. Some are themed and others simply allow you to change some colors. But the fact is that, even if it is changing the color of the windows, it is enough for that effect.

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Do you need an Advertising and Guest Posting Policy?

Hello! It’s cold? Here yes and no, it depends on the minutes of each hour. How crazy! No t-shirt, no jacket, chills, sweats, big nipples that are going to end up hurting… but this is it! Hahaha. And you? Does it happen to you too? Or is the weather more stable there? On the other hand, I wanted to tell you that today I am going to leave you a super small post because, if you consider it interesting, you will have to read another 1,000 words and, of course, I thought that you might kill me. So the goal is for you to find this post interesting and easy to read . Will you tell me if I have achieved it?

The contact of brands, a symbol of the growth of a blog

Do you know something? Lately I have been receiving quite a few emails from companies proposing compensation or collaboration industry email list along the lines of “write about this service or product we offer and in exchange…”. And, to be honest, I love receiving them . That a company contacts you and is willing to offer you compensation for writing is nothing more than a sign that I must be doing something right and that this little space we call a blog is growing in the right direction . TRUE?

The need to maintain your principles and set a policy

But, as these new opportunities arrive, a devil whose name is “acho como mola” and last name “sell your soul” begins to stalk you . Money and success are very greedy SWB Directory but, if you do not manage them well, they can be harmful. Amos, which is like drugs or cola-cao, depending on who you are. Do you know the concept of P/CP (Production / Production Capacity) balance? I discovered it by reading the book “ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ”, a book that I recommend to you since it is helping me a lot.

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Value is more important than brand

Knowing consumers well is key for brands, which often overlook the types of buyers that exist. To develop an effective media strategy, it is essential to know who the final target is, as this allows us to adapt the offer of products and services to their needs and preferences. Over the last few years, different investigations have been undertaken to determine the typology of consumers based on the study of their attitude . How do they relate to brands? How is your lifestyle? Analyzing these parameters and with information from its own Audience Origin panel, GroupM has carried out a study on the personality types that can be identified among consumers and their connection with brands. The sample is made up of a panel of individuals, who are asked about their attitudes through a set of 47 statements about behavior, interests and entertainment or leisure.

GroupM Deal hunters

The responses of those surveyed provide a total of 18 personality archetypes, which are grouped by their correlation around common themes and top industry data which, furthermore, are not mutually exclusive, mixing for a new combination. These are the 17 types of consumers according to They are careful buyers for whom price . They can try a new brand or product if it is on sale. They are not savers by necessity and may even splurge if they get a good deal. 2. Convenience seekers They have little time and a very busy life. Neither the brand nor the price are the driving force behind their purchases, since they do not have time to research anything.

Impulsive and risky buyers

Whatever they buy should be fast and convenient . 3. Experimenters They are with brands: they see it, they want it, they buy it. They always need to try SWB Directory something new and then share their recommendations with family and friends. 4. Traditionalists/conservatives They rarely try new brands. Once they find your brand, they are loyal to it. They are more likely to buy brand names rather than white brands, because this is synonymous with quality, regardless of price. 5. Researchers They are careful buyers . Neither the price nor the brand will be decisive for your purchases. They will read a lot of reviews or consult others before making a decision, especially for more expensive products.

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Ruavieja has some of the most memorable Christmas campaigns

Ruavieja is one of the most emblematic brands of the Christmas season. With a history dating back to 1889, Ruavieja’s premium liqueurs and spirits have conquered and brought together Spanish families for more than 130 years. Has interviewed María Prados , marketing manager of Ruavieja, to tell the inspiration behind this campaign and the brand’s future actions. What element do you consider essential in a Christmas campaign? I think that one of the key ingredients in a Christmas campaign is emotionality, whether it is joy, nostalgia, surprise… I think it is a time in which functionality does not have as much room. The brand recently launched the “Truth on the Table” campaign.

Audience and consumers responded

How has the campaign has had an excellent reception among consumers, and especially among the female public. Women are reflected in category email list the friendship we show between our protagonists. We also liked the music a lot, and of course so did the staging, very careful and with a different style than we have in other pieces by Ruavieja. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . What motivated the choice of true friendships as the central focus of this campaign? Ruavieja is a brand that aims to foster human connections , which is why we usually talk about relationships with family or friends. Last year we evolved our claim from “We have to see each other more” to “We have to see each other better” , introducing the qualitative aspect that our relationships must have. 

Memorable campaign for audience

And at the same time this message has a clear connection to the brand. If not we will have a but there will be no attribution. In terms of how to execute SWB Directory this message, again, I think emotion plays a very important role. What do you consider to be the brand’s most iconic Christmas campaign? I think that without a doubt it is “The Time We Have Left” , from November 2018. Not only because of the reach it had, leaving our border to a multitude of countries where Ruavieja is not even sold, or because of the engagement and conversation that generated, but above all because of how mobilizing it was. We received hundreds of messages from people thanking us for having made them reflect, telling us that they had rekindled friendships , closed trips to visit loved ones whom they had not seen in a long time.

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World Health Organization 60% of the global population is sedentary

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) is sedentary and the majority. People suffer from diseases that with just 30 minutes a day of physical activity they could avoid, such as hypertension. Diabetes or even some types of cancer. Furthermore, a life without movement can lead us to insomnia or develop anxiety disorders. A sedentary lifestyle as such is not a disease, but it has been shown to affect millions of people and is the cause of many ailments and ailments. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to resume movement to feel good and take care of our body and mind. 

The key is to make small changes

It is possible that the body is not prepared to have a fully active life or that it is difficult for us to find the motivation to achieve it. That help us industry email list achieve a big impact. Here are some ideas: Get around on foot. If the distance you have to travel is not that long, take the opportunity to go for a walk. Leave your car parked a little further away or leave earlier so you don’t have to use public transportation. Walk while talking on the phone. The time you spend on calls can be better spent if you also use it to walk around a bit. After all, you’ll be so distracted by your call that you won’t have a chance to complain or feel like you’re doing an intense activity.

Forget the elevator and use the stairs of buildings

When you have to go up or down four floors or less, your body will probably tolerate you choosing this option. Do it progressively: every day, one SWB Directory more plant. Move during your breaks. Whether you work at home or in an office, it’s good to take time to rest and you don’t necessarily have to sit still to do it. Going outside and breathing can also be beneficial for you. Organize or join an excursion. Invite your friends to explore a new area or sign up for an activity organized by a local group. Walk while you read.