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 These 2 factors, which are the only ones Product Industry that many amateur nichers take into account , explain themselves: The more searches for the product in the country you are going to (be careful with global volumes), the better. The less competition for the product in the country you are going to, the better. This second point is a little more subjective and comes from experience, but a good way to start is to analyze the top 10 results of your search and ask yourself questions like : Can I make a more vertical website than them? Can I make better content than them.

The less competition for Product Industry the product in the country

Can I layout my own better than top industry data them (make a good desktop and mobile design , have a good above the fold , comparative tables, unique images,…)? Can I have better links than them? If there are enough yeses to these questions, a good sign. Whether it has (or not) seasonality It is the least important factor . But it’s still important. If you just attack a product that is sold in summer and start the niche in February, you will not be able to position yourself for that summer, and having to wait almost a year and a half to see a cent with a niche is bad business.

If you just attack a product that is sold in summer

Even so, some of the most profitable SWB Directory niches for. Me have been with seasonal products. So this column is not so important. With all this data in mind, my recommendation is to make a table and evaluate. All the products that we have come up with. It should look something like this. List of possible niches to attack List of possible niches to attack. Anyway, if you want to go deeper into all these points, see how I fill out the table and how I validate 4 bad products and 5 good ones, I leave you a video in which I show you how to do it step by step: How to differentiate between keywords that make money and keywords that take away focus.

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