Ruavieja has some of the most memorable Christmas campaigns

Ruavieja is one of the most emblematic brands of the Christmas season. With a history dating back to 1889, Ruavieja’s premium liqueurs and spirits have conquered and brought together Spanish families for more than 130 years. Has interviewed María Prados , marketing manager of Ruavieja, to tell the inspiration behind this campaign and the brand’s future actions. What element do you consider essential in a Christmas campaign? I think that one of the key ingredients in a Christmas campaign is emotionality, whether it is joy, nostalgia, surprise… I think it is a time in which functionality does not have as much room. The brand recently launched the “Truth on the Table” campaign.

Audience and consumers responded

How has the campaign has had an excellent reception among consumers, and especially among the female public. Women are reflected in category email list the friendship we show between our protagonists. We also liked the music a lot, and of course so did the staging, very careful and with a different style than we have in other pieces by Ruavieja. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . What motivated the choice of true friendships as the central focus of this campaign? Ruavieja is a brand that aims to foster human connections , which is why we usually talk about relationships with family or friends. Last year we evolved our claim from “We have to see each other more” to “We have to see each other better” , introducing the qualitative aspect that our relationships must have. 

Memorable campaign for audience

And at the same time this message has a clear connection to the brand. If not we will have a but there will be no attribution. In terms of how to execute SWB Directory this message, again, I think emotion plays a very important role. What do you consider to be the brand’s most iconic Christmas campaign? I think that without a doubt it is “The Time We Have Left” , from November 2018. Not only because of the reach it had, leaving our border to a multitude of countries where Ruavieja is not even sold, or because of the engagement and conversation that generated, but above all because of how mobilizing it was. We received hundreds of messages from people thanking us for having made them reflect, telling us that they had rekindled friendships , closed trips to visit loved ones whom they had not seen in a long time.

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