World Health Organization 60% of the global population is sedentary

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) is sedentary and the majority. People suffer from diseases that with just 30 minutes a day of physical activity they could avoid, such as hypertension. Diabetes or even some types of cancer. Furthermore, a life without movement can lead us to insomnia or develop anxiety disorders. A sedentary lifestyle as such is not a disease, but it has been shown to affect millions of people and is the cause of many ailments and ailments. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to resume movement to feel good and take care of our body and mind. 

The key is to make small changes

It is possible that the body is not prepared to have a fully active life or that it is difficult for us to find the motivation to achieve it. That help us industry email list achieve a big impact. Here are some ideas: Get around on foot. If the distance you have to travel is not that long, take the opportunity to go for a walk. Leave your car parked a little further away or leave earlier so you don’t have to use public transportation. Walk while talking on the phone. The time you spend on calls can be better spent if you also use it to walk around a bit. After all, you’ll be so distracted by your call that you won’t have a chance to complain or feel like you’re doing an intense activity.

Forget the elevator and use the stairs of buildings

When you have to go up or down four floors or less, your body will probably tolerate you choosing this option. Do it progressively: every day, one SWB Directory more plant. Move during your breaks. Whether you work at home or in an office, it’s good to take time to rest and you don’t necessarily have to sit still to do it. Going outside and breathing can also be beneficial for you. Organize or join an excursion. Invite your friends to explore a new area or sign up for an activity organized by a local group. Walk while you read. 

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