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Knowing consumers well is key for brands, which often overlook the types of buyers that exist. To develop an effective media strategy, it is essential to know who the final target is, as this allows us to adapt the offer of products and services to their needs and preferences. Over the last few years, different investigations have been undertaken to determine the typology of consumers based on the study of their attitude . How do they relate to brands? How is your lifestyle? Analyzing these parameters and with information from its own Audience Origin panel, GroupM has carried out a study on the personality types that can be identified among consumers and their connection with brands. The sample is made up of a panel of individuals, who are asked about their attitudes through a set of 47 statements about behavior, interests and entertainment or leisure.

GroupM Deal hunters

The responses of those surveyed provide a total of 18 personality archetypes, which are grouped by their correlation around common themes and top industry data which, furthermore, are not mutually exclusive, mixing for a new combination. These are the 17 types of consumers according to They are careful buyers for whom price . They can try a new brand or product if it is on sale. They are not savers by necessity and may even splurge if they get a good deal. 2. Convenience seekers They have little time and a very busy life. Neither the brand nor the price are the driving force behind their purchases, since they do not have time to research anything.

Impulsive and risky buyers

Whatever they buy should be fast and convenient . 3. Experimenters They are with brands: they see it, they want it, they buy it. They always need to try SWB Directory something new and then share their recommendations with family and friends. 4. Traditionalists/conservatives They rarely try new brands. Once they find your brand, they are loyal to it. They are more likely to buy brand names rather than white brands, because this is synonymous with quality, regardless of price. 5. Researchers They are careful buyers . Neither the price nor the brand will be decisive for your purchases. They will read a lot of reviews or consult others before making a decision, especially for more expensive products.

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