Do you need an Advertising and Guest Posting Policy?

Hello! It’s cold? Here yes and no, it depends on the minutes of each hour. How crazy! No t-shirt, no jacket, chills, sweats, big nipples that are going to end up hurting… but this is it! Hahaha. And you? Does it happen to you too? Or is the weather more stable there? On the other hand, I wanted to tell you that today I am going to leave you a super small post because, if you consider it interesting, you will have to read another 1,000 words and, of course, I thought that you might kill me. So the goal is for you to find this post interesting and easy to read . Will you tell me if I have achieved it?

The contact of brands, a symbol of the growth of a blog

Do you know something? Lately I have been receiving quite a few emails from companies proposing compensation or collaboration industry email list along the lines of “write about this service or product we offer and in exchange…”. And, to be honest, I love receiving them . That a company contacts you and is willing to offer you compensation for writing is nothing more than a sign that I must be doing something right and that this little space we call a blog is growing in the right direction . TRUE?

The need to maintain your principles and set a policy

But, as these new opportunities arrive, a devil whose name is “acho como mola” and last name “sell your soul” begins to stalk you . Money and success are very greedy SWB Directory but, if you do not manage them well, they can be harmful. Amos, which is like drugs or cola-cao, depending on who you are. Do you know the concept of P/CP (Production / Production Capacity) balance? I discovered it by reading the book “ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ”, a book that I recommend to you since it is helping me a lot.

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