Your Competitive Advantage in the Product Industry

Once we have a list of niches with possible potential, we are going. Your Competitive to do keyword research on each of them. And since we don’t want to be amateurs and we want to do it professionally. We are not going to focus only on search volumes. Instead let’s focus on 2 aspects. Validation on Amazon And potential estimation. In order to analyze all the keywords based on these 2 parameters. We first have to find all the keywords. In this article we will not delve into how to do it because in B30 there are already specific keyword research articles like this one .

Validation on Amazon Your Competitive And potential estimation In order

But once we have them all, we paint industry email list them in Excel and proceed to the screening. Validate products on Amazon It must be taken into account that in this type of niche the main article is buying guides : that is, top 5, top 7, top 10… of the article for which we are trying to position. For this reason, and in the same way that we validated the main keyword of a niche before, we have to make sure for each keyword if there are at least 5 products with at least 20 or 30 reviews on each one.

URL was getting traffic do you know how much money

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about SWB Directory and I’ve suffered it firsthand. For a long time, I was first for the KW “Electrocoup F3015 electric scissors” , a product that costs a whopping €1,843 but it only has one review on Amazon. Even though the URL was getting traffic, do you know how much money it generated? Not a cent. So if this requirement is not met, I tell you that you are not going to eat a donut. Estimate the economic potential of each niche Once we have filtered all the keywords and discarded the product.

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