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That do not make the cut, we are going to Unlocking Product validate the economic potential of each one, prioritizing those that can give us the most money and discarding those that are most likely not going to give us anything . To do this, we paint an Excel again and place volume, price and potential in a column. Estimation of the economic potential of a niche Estimation of the economic potential of a niche In the volume we put the monthly traffic of the main keyword (not global, but of the country in which you work with Amazon), in the price the average of the products with reviews of that type that are sold on.

Many of you will be Unlocking Product thinking that we need to take many things

Amazon and in the column that says “potential” we multiply the category email list volume. By the price by the commission and by 1% (estimate of the final conversion). Volume * Price * Commission * 1/100 With that we can get closer to estimating how much money. A URL for that keyword can give us if we position it in the top positions of Google. Disclaimer: Many of you will be thinking. That we need to take many things into account, but believe me that after. Doing many niches, this calculation is quite close to reality. And even if it didn’t, it still helps us see which keywords have more potential than others, which is what we want at this point.

Estimation of the economic potential of a niche In the volume

Do you want SWB Directory to go deeper into this section? Video in! What do you have to do next? With these 2 points resolved, you are ready to filter all the niche ideas you have to select a few that have potential. Lots of potential. Because with this article I want, above all, to encourage you to get started . And for that very reason, Dean and I have organized a webinar for Monday, September 6 in which we are going to delve into all this and show a strategy (that almost no one applies) to accelerate the positioning of an Amazon niche.  Additionally, we are going to reveal a unicorn niche for Google

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