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Photo of Katie Johnston Katie Johnston Published 11 January 2018 Categories usability testing, user experience What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t When we In the meantime we’d  launched the ebsite in August 2013, people noticed its striking similarity to a certain website from the United Kingdom, GOV.UK(external link). That was no accident. The UK website is an open source project that seeks to radically redefine government online delivery and share those innovations with the world. We took them at their word. But what exactly did we borrow from the UK? And more importantly, what did we do to ensure that our solution meets the specific needs of New Zealanders? The answer to both of those questions is the same: heaps.

To explain I’ll give you a quick

run-down of how we got to where we are now. Project approach and design principles When we were first tasked with redeveloping newzealand.we did some early research to see Indonesia Phone Number List  what was happening with equivalent websites overseas. Victoria Wray wrote a short summary of that early research back in September . We took one look at the design principles, and we were smitten. In time, we formally expressed our own approach and design principles, and you can see that they’re heavily influenced by those of the UK. Score a point for UK influence. Problem definition Next we turned our eyes on home.

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We talked with New Zealanders around

The country to understand the issues they face when dealing with government online and how they think about government information. We did focus groups, online card sort Germany Phone Number List  tests, and face-to-face facilitated testing with early wireframes. All of that problem definition research is publicly available. It shaped our understanding of the local problems we are trying to solve. In addition, the results of the online card sort tests formed the basis of our current information architecture. It’s truly a user-centred information architecture. Our users gave it to us. Score a point for tapping Kiwi brains to deliver a solution for Kiwi users.

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