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Our information was unreliable. When pressed as to why, she said: “It seems too easy and too straightforward.” We need to account for the fact that people’s We also had one  behaviour is biased by the experiences they’ve had in the past. We want to change the experience — but we’ll also have to change their behaviour. And it’s hard to tell how the way they respond to us is influenced by their history and their personal context for “dealing with government stuff”. Assumptions about assumptions We’d also made some assumptions we weren’t even aware we’d made.

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The steps in a process up with sub-headings, but since we hadn’t numbered them or labelled them explicitly as steps, we were relying on people reading the content underneath to grasp Singapore Phone Number List  the order of events. But we break things up with headings exactly because people won’t read the content under the ones they don’t see as relevant. We’d assumed the social media “share” links were an affordance everyone was pretty familiar with, so we hadn’t labelled our icons. Turns out, not only did people of all ages not know what they were or how they worke but they assumed all sorts of things that they were links .

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Our own social media accounts

Clicking them would somehow log them in or ask them to share information, that they could use them to email or contact a department. They also had no idea what departments France Phone Number List  were calle  and not just the ones that’ve recently change . We heard things like: “Work and Income…or whatever they’re calle now. Transport…whatever their name is.” Our content challenge? Be explicit. Be really, really explicit. Nothing is obvious. One final assumption When it came to  soon.

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