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Pulse for power in the Boxes

Isidro Fainé (La Caixa) emerges as the “natural solution” at the head of the CECA but the emergence of the ‘outsider’ Braulio Medel again is not ruled out Maximum expectation before the extraordinary board of directors of the Savings Banks’ employers’ association that will be held next Tuesday, in which they must elect a new president of the CECA. Isidro Fainé seems to have gained support among the entities against his ‘rival’, Amado Franco. But internally the emergence of a third candidate is not ruled out. ources from the employers’ association confirm that Fainé himself , president of La  forward and officially present his candidacy.

However, the possibility of an ‘outsider

appearing to try to take over the position is not excluded. This is an alternative now not openly manage .  Which would seek to achieve consensus in the event that the other two  HongKong Telegram Number Data options get stuck: Braulio Medel .  The president of Unicaja. Medel.  Vice president of the CECA.  Together with Fainé himself, Rodrigo Rato (Caja Madrid) and Modesto Crespo (CAM), was one of the most active in requesting, on March 17, in Seville, a postponement in the presidential vote until obtaining the maximum agreement. He also emphasize that, in order to appoint a new head of the employers’ association.  It was first necessary for the position to be vacant: Quintás then decide to present his resignation, which will be effective next Tuesday.

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The same sources recall that Medel himself

Already trie days before the meeting last March to obtain enough support to run for the presidency. However, once it was confirme that he did not have the necessary votes, he took  Canada Telegram Number a step back . Fainé the “natural solution” Fainé has the implicit support of the Government and part of the PP, who see him as the best option to pilot the important challenge that the savings banks now face: a profound restructuring of the sector, a reorganization of the financial system with ample respite . Minister Elena Salgado and the president of the Bank of Spain .  Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez .  Can barely contain their impatience in public. They want the savings banks to address this change “ as soon as possible ” and for the horizon to be clear by mid-year.

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ConfIidential digital money emilio botin

CEO of the entity Alfreo Sáenz attende the inauguration of the Chapel in the Financial City of Banco Santander Emilio Botín, president of Banco Santander, attende  yesterday, Sunday, to the blessing and inauguration of the new chapel built at the bank’s headquarters, the Ciudad Financiera del Santander, locate in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). The blessing was officiatedby the bishop of Getafe . Joaquín López de Andújar.  According to Religión Confidencial, Emilio Botín was accompanie by his daughter, Paloma Botín O’Shea president of Banesto and the CEO .  Alfredo Sáenz with his wife. The bank’s leadership also attende the event as well as about 60 employees.

The bishop of Getafe Joaquín López

Andújar  highlighte in his homily the importance of the bank wanting to install a chapel at its headquarters. In this way he said The spiritual dimension of its employees will be NewZealand Telegram Number Data taken care of .  Which will have an impact on the professionalism of the work they do. After the ceremony . Emilio Botín wante to highlight the symbolism containe in the painting that presides over the chapel (‘The Education of the Alonso Cano) chosen by him from his private collection. See the complete information in Religión ConfidencialPositions at Banco Santander.

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BBVA, and Popular appear in the pool of names among

Which Seeliger and Conde selects the top executive of Caja Madrid alongside Rodrigo Rato Senior executives of the main Spanish banks such as Santander . BBVA and Popular in  China Telegram Number addition to some politicians . Appear in the pool of names from which the consulting firm Seeliger y Conde selects the main day-to-day executive of Caja Madrid under the orders of Rodrigo Rato. 08/04/10 | 2:00 Sources from the sector consulte El Confidencial Digital point out that for general director of Caja . Candela general director of commercial banking at Santander and one of Emilio Botín’s main supporters.

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Panish law firms and think-tanks are under pressure from

EU to make public their status as “lobbies” in the European institutions The European institutions are putting pressure on the “think-tanks” and Spanish law firms to make public their status as “lobbyists” in Brussels and Strasbourg. Law firms resist, citing reasons of confidentiality. In Spain, the practice of “lobbying” is not regulate law , but it is still carrie out. After the scandal reveale in Great Britain , where the Sunday Times discovere that four deputies were earning up to 4,000 euros a day for lobbying, the lack of regulation of this matter is seen as a threat of corruption . Remember that, in Spain, the “lobbies” have been and continue to be very present around the controversial reform of the Audit, Stock Market and Public Limite Companies laws , to vary the voting limit per share package on the Boards of Directors.

Large companies oit is precisely

This lack of regulation that has been criticize against Spain from different areas of the institutional framework of the European Union . According to the sources consulte El Confidencial Digital , the European institutions are putting pressure on the Spanish authorities to follow the steps that Germany and Great UK Telegram Number Data  Britain are taking towards greater transparency and regulation. In addition to this claim, a recent meeting of European “lobbyists” in Brussels, with the presence of community authorities, has serve to influence these points . Currently, the problem of registering “lobbies” with the European Commission has to do primarily with Spanish law firms, which allege their confidentiality profile to avoid registering on a list that is, in any case, voluntary.

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The European institutions tell law firms

Lobbyists” practice as such in practice, and not as lawyers. Furthermore, confidentiality would be guarantee in any case, also in their lobbying work. — Spanish think-tanks have Egypt Telegram Number  also been urge to register as “lobbyists.” Currently, of the 2,613 “lobbies” registere with the Commission, 126 are Spanish , but they are more interest groups (ASAJA, Spanish Arbitration Club, Spanish Family Forum, and especially the fishing sector) than law firms, “think-tanks” or public affairs consultancies. — In addition to the European Commission, the European Parliament , with an increasingly important role following the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon, is also going to launch its own registry.

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High Tech Hotels the technological hotel chain

The High Tech hotel chain will delay the opening of its hotels until . The group had planned to launch two establishments in Barcelona at the end of 2010, one in Bilbao and two in Madrid. But all the inaugurations, which represent an investment of 13 million euros, will be postponed with the aim of better facing “a complicated year.The chain has seen how in 2009 its turnover decreased by ten million euros, going from 65 million in 2008 to 55 million last year. The occupancy of its hotels fell 10%, from 85% to 75%. Given these data and the poor forecasts for this year, the firm has decided to carry out a plan to cut its costs (laundry, electricity, maintenance).

Company sources have explained

El Confidencial Digital that the chain had even considered carrying out an ERE. The hotel firm, however, has rejected this staff reduction and has initiated a round of contacts with  Australia Telegram Number Data its employees throughout Spain. Their goal is for workers to accept a salary freeze during 2010. At this point, more than 95% of the workforce has accepte the proposal , the company says. Hiht Tech Hotels began its journey in 2001 and has been committe since its inception to new technologies and the design of its interiors. Its creators were five senior managers of the TRYP hotel chain. Javier Candela, former financial director . Tryp Antonio Fernández Casado, former commercial and marketing director, are two of the visible heads of this new hotel concept.

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The chain markets two brands

High Tech Hotels” and “Petit Palace Hotels” . The firm’s strategy is to rent emblematic buildings in large cities in the medium and long term, renovate them and transform France Telegram Number  them into hotels with cutting-edge services and high quality equipment, facilities and components. Currently, the firm has a staff of more than 600 workers and has 35 hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia, Seville, Malaga and Salamanca. In 2009 its total number of clients was 520,000. The average price of its rooms is around 100 euros. These are equippe with a laptop and free high-spee Internet access and state-of-the-art bathrooms.

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The market in the drugstore and perfumery sector

The owners of Bodybell, first Dinamia and its manager Nmas1 and later Mercapital as well, designed an ambitious expansion plan with several fronts, among them, the purchase with a checkbook of several establishments and competing companies, such as Juteco and the opening of new stores. The evolution of sales was positive until the analysis of 2007 when losses began to be recorded.Balbino Prieto points out that it is essential to “teach what the economy is” — The training of foreign trade technicians has to be greater and with a strong emphasis on languages. — The change in the Spanish production model must be done from the company and not by decree.

The Exporters Club represents

Companies from different sectors such as Telefónica, Repsol YPF, Unión Fenosa, Esade, Acciona, Mondragón, BBVA or Barclays. Its investment abroad represents more than 250 billion euros and its turnover represents 20% of GDP. It currently has more than 350,000 employees.Then he discovered the USA Telegram Number Data   following misfortune: the majority of the members of the CNMV and the CNE had excused their presence and finally did not go to the Santiago Bernabéu. Florentino was able to greet only a few councilors. A few days later, the Government unexpectedly presented an amendment in Congress to change the Corporations.

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Law and eliminate the ‘blockade

The boards of directors of large companies, an initiative that would theoretically open the doors of Iberdrola to Florentino Pérez. Socialist sources to which El Confidencial Digital  Australia Telegram Number  has had access confirm that, in fact, Javier Gómez Navarro “is very critical of the Government.” The main promoter of the campaign “We will only fix this together”, whose objective is to mobilize society in the fight against the crisis, and which the promoters deny is a Government initiative, Gómez Navarro’s future now passes through Iberia . The sources consulted affirm that he is going to end up on the airline’s board of directors.

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A 30-year-old graduate with extensive experience

The profile Amancio Ortega is looking for to promote Zara around the world: base salary of 50,000 euros The Inditex group has decided to bet on ‘young promises’ in 2010. The A 30-year-old multinational is looking for candidates between 25 and 35 years old to become ‘product manager’ in all its chains. His salary starts at 50,000 euros, to which all kinds of advantages are adde. Most candidates would be in charge of promoting Zara around the world. As you have been able to know The regional chambers of commerce and the The person hired usually spends a first stage at the Arteixo headquarters, in A Coruña and in Tempe, Alicante.

After this period the selectd person is assigne

The different vacancies in the group at an international level. Group sources have explaine to ECD that Inditex is a company that has a favorable stance towards dynamism and Canada Telegram Number Data  innovation. The firm assures that “a lot is investe in youth” and they add that “the average age does not excee 30 years.” The Digital Confidential The company owne Amancio Ortega has been committe to strong international expansion since its creation . This challenge has meant for the firm its consolidation as a world leader in textile fashion. This is demonstrate its figures from last year in which 68% of the turnover comes from abroad.

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The multinational has more than 4,600

Establishments and is present in 74 countries.According to the latest known results .  Corresponding to fiscal year 2009 . The company owne by the venture capital funds Mercapital . Nmas1 and  Ethiopia Telegram Number Dinamia has achieve revenues of 245 million euros, with a deviation of 4.5% from the establishe business plan. The balances for 2008 and 2007 were negative. It close 2008 with red numbers of 7.5 million euros when the previous year had been almost 11 million euros. Those responsible for the chain affirme when these data became known that the economic crisis was responsible for these results.

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Bodybell relieves its CEO Francisco Martín Consuegra

Losses in the second largest perfumery and drugstore company in the country Francisco Martín Consuegra voluntarily left the management of the Bodybell company on March 15. His replacement comes at a time when the company is going through a ‘delicate’ situation. After two consecutive years with losses in Bodybell relieves its its income statement, the group managed to close 2009 with revenues of 245 million euros Businessman Francisco Martín Consuegra was ‘signed’ by the Bodybell chain of drugstore and perfumery establishments in 2005. He came from the top management of the Leche Pascual group.

Unofficial sources from Bodybell have acknowledged

El Confidencial Digital that Martín Consuegra has not been in the company’s central offices in Madrid since March 15.” Moment from which “the company is totally  Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data disconnected from him . According to what they told ECD . Francisco Martín Consuegra requested voluntary resignation on September 1 and communicated his decision to the company’s partners. He conveyed his desire to embark on new professional paths through a letter that he sent to different people at Bodybell as confirmed confidentially by sources close to him.

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This confidentiality has also been in contact

Those responsible for Dinamia and Nmas1 high-risk funds co-owned by Bodybell. A spokesperson for the company has acknowledged that there have been changes in the management China Whatsapp Number List  leadership and that “there is already a person designated to replace Francisco Martín Consuegra . Although he has not provided any details about the successor. Regarding the reasons for the dismissal of its CEO.  The same spokesperson states: “we do not have any comments about Bodybell.” The replacement of the businessman occurs at a ‘delicate’ moment for the economic and financial situation of the firm. The drugstore and perfumery chain .  The second in the market after El Corte Inglés has been accumulating losses for several years.

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Campofrío is finalizing the launch of the last spot

The ‘blue helmets’ saga: the campaign has surpassed downloads on the Internet. Campofrío will launch the fifth and final advertisement in the ‘blue helmets’ saga before May. The campaign has surpassed the downloads on the Internet and has generated a significant number of positive comment . Among campofrío is finalizing which the congratulations of some military personnel stand out. The firm has highlighted that the four advertisements already issued have given the company record notoriety in its tracking (sales monitoring). The food company has opted on this occasion to present its advertisements on the Internet for the first time.

Jorge Martínez Range Director

Campofrío has assured El Confidencial Digital that “the new habits in media consumption .  Where the Internet and social networks have increasing weight . Make these channels New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data  important for our promotion. Campofrío’s commitment to the network has been accompanied by an increase in sales greater than the levels that had occurred before the campaign. Although this promotion has had a medium investment. It has achieved a high impact thanks . According to Jorge Martínez, to the support it has received on social networks and popular sites. The promotion of the ‘blue helmets’ has focused, in the first three advertisements, on already known products of the brand and has left the last two to promote new products.

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They are currently launching Campofrío is finalizing

Campofrío’s new mini fuet and mini chorizo with the slogan “to snack wherever you want.” This advertisement is supported by a complementary action on YouTube that asks Canada Whatsapp Number List  the consumer: “Where would you eat your Campofrío Minis?” This campaign demonstrates that advertising 2.0 is increasingly being implemented in the communication strategies of large companies. One of the milestones of the change in the advertising trend in Spain was the Internet preview of the Freixenet Christmas campaign directed by Martin Scorsese in 2007. Most of the spots previewed on the Internet have YouTube as their main channel.

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Large exporting companies are fed up Repsol Acciona

Iberdrola and BBVA criticize the increase in financing for NGOs . The reduction in aid for foreign trade The recent reduction in the budgets of the Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX), together with the 16% drop in exports in 2009, has set off alarm bells in the main Spanish exporting companies. The sector is demanding Large exporting companies that a high percentage of aid allocated to NGOs be aimed at increasing foreign trade. At the moment . Spanish companies are experiencing a delicate economic situation at the national level. Instead, they observe how a high percentage of their profits come from abroad .

The president of the Exporters

Club balbino prieto explained to El Confidencial Digital that “given the paralysis of the domestic market.  The logical thing is to go abroad.” To achieve this . Balbino considers that it is UK WhatsApp Number Data  necessary to reinforce Spain’s external diplomatic service with more embassies in Asia and Africa . The club’s senior official adds that a greater number of commercial offices must be created abroad and some European consulates must be closed . Which at this point have become “useless. This increase in the Spanish presence abroad is a priority objective within the club.

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The president considers that

The number of large Spanish companies abroad should increase from the current 2,000 to 5,000. As for SMEs, currently 30,000 , they should increase to 50,000. Balbino Prieto Cambodia Whatsapp Number List  believes that this increase will generate greater wealth. Some of the Club’s proposals to improve the economic situation are: — Take profound measures to improve competitiveness . Support innovation and improve foreign trade financing. — Increase the relations of universities with companies and change the Spanish educational system by reorienting it to a greater study of the economy.

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Another problem for the savings banks

The complaints against the Salazar brothers for Sos could drag in directors of several savings entities, who would have to respond The Central Court of Instruction number 4 of the Another problem for  National Court has accepted for processing the extension of the complaint filed by Sos and other companies in the group against the directors Jesús and Jaime Salazar and “other natural and legal persons.” And the issue may reach more than one savings bank advisor. The complaint against those who were president and vice president of the group, Jesús and Jaime Salazar , was filed for crimes of misappropriation, fraud, corporate crime, crime against the market, falsification of a commercial document and money laundering, and the extension supposes the inclusion two more: falsification of commercial documents and money laundering.

Several savings banks

which were shareholders of Sos, had directors in the company during the management of the Salazar brothers and now there is fear of the criminal consequences that could follow from  Australia WhatsApp Number Data the judicial proceedings initiated. Sources from the sector, to which El Confidencial Digital has had access explain that the affected savings banks do not know exactly what those directors signed, nor do they keep each and every one of the minutes with all the annexes. On many occasions, the councils seemed more like gatherings of friends , in which the Salazars made and unmade.

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According to the sources consulted by ECD

The fear in these savings banks is that the complaints will end up affecting their directors, and that the savings entities will have to answer for them for the economic loss caused at that stage. Last June, the head of Court 4 of the National Court, Fernando Andréu, accepted the jurisdiction to hear the complaint and carry out Australia Whatsapp Number List  the actions derived from “the need to verify the final destination of the funds allegedly transferred abroad”, within of the operation known as Cóndor Plus, focused on the transfer of funds from Sos to the affiliated companies of the Salazar brothers, worth 230 million. And in the end, he came to personally say goodbye to his illustrious guests.

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Freixenet Pepe Osborne La Española olives

The Shanghai Expo to gain a foothold in China The main companies in the food sector are clear about the great opportunity represented by the Universal Exhibition that will be held in Shanghai starting on May 1. Freixenet . Tio Pepe Osborne . La Española olives and Estrella Galicia are determined to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the fair. All of these firms participate together with Pedro Larumbe.  Designated “ambassador” of Spanish gastronomy in Shanghai in a project that will bring Iberian gastronomy closer to the Chinese market. The chef will be in charge of serving 300,000 meals during the fair .

Spanish companies will take

Advantage of this opportunity to introduce their products to the Chinese market . Food companies such as La Española or Osborne (Jamón Cinco Jotas), beverage companies such as Cabreiroá  . Estrella  Brazil Telegram Number Data Galicia or Freixenet and wineries such as Torres . Tio Pepe and González Byass have taken advantage of the fair to show themselves to the Chinese market and open their business to the opportunities of the Asian giant. Pedro Larumbe has recently presented the Expo Shanghai Agenda virtual platform. This website was created thanks to the alliance of the Eurasian Business Center and the Innova&Crea Network.’

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The main objective of the portal will be

Spanish companies enter the Chinese market by offering the following services: advice, obtaining visas purchasing flights.  HGotel reservations, car rental or interpreters, among Kenya Telegram Number  other services. The Shanghai World Expo is presented as the largest exhibition held to date in the world. An influx of more than seven million visitors is estimated at the Spanish pavilion . These forecasts make the fair an important showcase for Spain towards the Chinese market.The agility and expertise of Florentino Pérez’s team then made the ‘miracle’ possible and the businessman managed to arrive in Madrid in time to see Real Madrid’s last goal from his seat in the box, which was scored by Xabi Alonso from a penalty.

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Florentino Pérez invited the members of the CNMV

Commission to the Santiago Bernabéu box in the midst of a battle to force his entry onto the board of Iberdrola The president of ACS, Florentino Pérez, has been fighting for months with the head of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, to gain his entry into the board of the Basque electricity company. A week before confirming his intention, Florentino Pérez invitd the senior staff of the CNMV and the National Energy Commission to the Bernabéu. Florentino Pérez publicly announce on February 26 his intention to propose to the Iberdrola shareholders’ meeting that it speak out and vote for his entry into the board of directors of the electricity company, of which he is the largest shareholder with 12.6% of its capital.

The president of the construction

Services and energy group also took advantage of the presentation to analysts of the company’s results to reiterate ACS’s “firm will” to increase its stake in the electricity company to 20%  . Considering it an investment. “strategic”. Five days before that announcement, on Sunday . February 21 . The Real Madrid-Villarreal Korea Telegram Number Data  match was held at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium  corresponding to the 23rd round of the League. As confirme by El Confidencial Digital . Practically all of the directors of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the National Energy Commission (CNE) were invite to that meeting.

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According to the sources consulte

The invitation gave access to one of the VIP boxes at the Bernabéu and was extendable to the wives of the members of the councils chaire by Julio Segura and Maite Costa . In total . The  South Africa Telegram Number president of ACS was attende by about thirty people . However, there were several setbacks. To begin with.  Real Madrid basketball team qualifie for the final of the Copa del Rey, which was being held in Bilbao that weekend, and Florentino Pérez decide to travel to the Basque Country to attend the game when King Juan Carlos confirme his attendance. of the. Finally, Real Madrid suffere a heavy defeat (80-61) against FC Barcelona.