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Together our early ‘thin content’ for the website, we once again turned to evidence from our users. We gathered analytics from the current newzealand website and Content prioritisation  from key websites across NZ government, as well as NZ stats from Google’s keyword tracker tool. That evidence helped us prioritise our content and decide which areas to focus on first. You can read about our evidence gathering in the post, Channelling Sherlock Holmes. Score another point for local evidence guiding a local solution. Alpha prototype .

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But that wasn’t the point. It was an effective test tool. We used it in another round of face-to-face facilitated testing with real, live New Zealanders. That taught us a lot about what Malaysia Phone Number List  Kiwis needed to move around an ‘all of government’ website. We shared the alpha research back in March 2013. Score a point for local, user-centred research. Early mockups At this point we started our early mockups for the beta site. The challenges we needed to solve were very similar to adapted their front-end templates rather than start from scratch — with permission and acknowledgment. It was a no brainer.

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The UK code saved us a lot of time and money, plus gave us front end templates that incorporated responsive design from the start. Score a point for a huge helping hand from the UK. Thanks  Italy Phone Number List  heaps. Visual Design As our front end templates have evolved, the actual code has developed beyond recognition from the UK code. Also, our technical platforms are very different. However, thefront end visual design has remained a cornerstone for us. Why? It’s not just because we think it’s cool. It’s because the evidence that led .

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