How to get your Blog articles to be a hit on Social Networks

Tips for writing viral content based on the experience of my Blog. In this post I am going to tell you and give examples of the most viral posts on Social Networks on my Blog , to try to find the cause or aspect that differentiates it from the rest. The growth of Social Networks has consolidated it as an essential channel for any brand or business, but do we really know how to write viral posts for our Blog. It seems like yesterday when I started receiving the first visits from social networks and now I am on my way to exceeding 10,000 visits per month received from a single social network.

40 free tools for Online Entrepreneurs

I published this post at the end of 2014, approximately a year ago and I also used a round number like the two previous examples, and for this I made a compilation of tools. which from my experience usually work very well on my email database Blog, and manage to attract traffic from Google and Social Networks, because in my Blog, you will later see how several compilations of tools appear in the Top 10 but I will not get ahead of myself, otherwise I will explain it later.

The 50 best Digital Marketing Blogs in Spanish

This is a post as part of my Branding Strategy, since I had the objective of positioning myself with the keyword “best digital marketing blogs”, and after several months of work I achieved it and it has now been on the first page of Google for a year, for which was a very accurate article. In the post SWB Directory what I did was make a list based on the number of Feedly readers that each Blog had. When I made the post a year ago, my Blog had 628 readers on Feedly and in just 12 months I have gone to 1,788 readers, an increase of 200%.

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