Twitter Analytics in Spanish; the guide to squeeze your statistics

Twitter Analytics is a powerful tool, available to everyone. Therefore, that has represented a considerable advance in measuring our results in the actions we take. Since 2014, when the 140-character mark decided to open the doors of our tweet statistics to anyone who had an account and was not just an advertiser. Therefore, the way of analyzing interaction ratios has changed significantly. One of the basic functions when proposing any strategy within Digital Marketing is the analysis of the results that are being obtained. Even more so, if we talk about Twitter, since it is essential to know the times that users have viewed your tweets,

Videos (Beta)

A new option that has recently opened. Although it is still in beta mode, it seems to me to be a very successful feature, taking into account the relevance that the video has had in recent months. In the same way that in Tweets you selected the period to choose, by default the last 4 weeks, in videos it is exactly the same. To modify you job function email list just have to select the period you want. In the first part of the page, there is a graph that shows the views obtained. To continue scrolling and see all the videos with the number of views and completion rate.

Audience data in Twitter Analytics

Below the audience selection, there are four sections that show you data regarding the interests, demographics, lifestyle and mobile footprint of the followers. Let’s see what each of them is about. General information. An overview SWB Directory that shows the main interests of the audience, a graph with gender and mobile operator. Demographic data . Shows a graph of genre, predominant language, audience share by country, and audience share by region.

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