What is a Webinar and how to use it to sell online

A webinar is a powerful communication tool that can help us as a Branding strategy to make ourselves known. we can also use it as a strategy to gain followers , and finally we can use it to sell our products online. In this post I am going to explain everything you need to know about the Webinar, as well as the structure it must have, and I will end with free and paid software that you can use, and other elements that you need so that you can achieve your goals and even sell things online .

Choose the theme of your Webinar

I recommend that you start by choosing a topic and then choose the title of the conference you will give. Next, what you have to do is prepare content of about 300 or 400 words that will be very useful to create the landing page for that event. Remember to choose an image that has a lot of punch, and that helps your event go viral more easily on Social Networks . If you don’t have much top people data  knowledge in creating a landing page. I am going to recommend a WordPress plugin called Visual Composer. which will help you create super professional landing pages without having any programming knowledge.

Introduce yourself

Presentation is a key aspect to hook your audience to your online conference, since a bad presentation will cause the webinar to end shortly after it starts. You already know that you are a super fan of the magician Juan Tamariz. Therefore, so in the presentation do not bore the people who are taking time to listen to you but rather perform a trick that impresses them and captures all their attention. Therefore, I am not saying that you SWB Directory  take out a deck of cards and say “Cha ta ta chan”, but do look for a game or activity that makes the user participate, and from this moment they go from being a passive user to an active user and very interested in your chat.

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