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Learn how to create a Gmail email SEO case study

Is it possible to position a single article in thousands of keywords. In this article I am going to analyze several niches with which you can position yourself with a single post in thousands of keywords , you heard correctly with a single article, and get a lot of traffic to your Blog. After that, which can even exceed the current traffic of the sum of all your items. I will analyze the presentation theme of the article ( creating a Gmail email ) as well as other mega niches with thousands of keywords that can bring you countless visits.

Images and Videos

The video titled “How to create an email account in Gmail ” has 210,829 views and lasts only 5 minutes. Therefore, that is, a clear video without nonsense and straight to the point, The description of the video is the following sentence “Learn step by step how to create an email account in Gmail”. Therefore, so it is relatively very easy to generate a description of one or 2 paragraphs email contact list explaining the account creation process. I recommend that you also add a quick check list because the user finds the content easy to read and digest and with which you will retain the visitor for longer.

Searches for the most visited blogs on our topic

Another very simple way to find articles with which to position ourselves in thousands of keywords is by analyzing blogs in my sector that have many visits, and for this example we are also going to use SEMrush. What we do is insert the URL of the Blog and click on “search”, and then we go to the organic section and click on “pages” , in order to find the pages that have the most keywords positioned in the Google search engine, such as and as we can see in this image. We see in the SWB Directory image that free image banks are also a good mega niche to attract hundreds of visits a day to a Blog. Have you seen how easy it is to find topics with which to position yourself in thousands of keywords.

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How to create a YouTube account and upload SEO optimized videos

How to create a YouTube account and upload SEO optimized videos. Youtube , that immense warehouse of videos that has practically become a new way of watching television. How to create a YouTube account may be simple for you, but how to optimize it is much more complex. Maybe you think that YouTube is just a video platform to join to pass the time, but that’s not the case. This platform is also used (more every day) to learn, to get excited, to have fun, to sell… And it is the latter that really interests us.

Live broadcast

You will only have to have your webcam connected correctly for the platform to detect it. To do this you have to go to the “ Live broadcast ” option and click on “ Start ”. record live video You’ll have to verify your identity through your phone (don’t worry, it’s free ). If you have done it through the “ text message ” option. After that, you will receive a code that you will have to insert to verify. check On the other hand, you will be given the URL where the live broadcast will be broadcast so that you email leads can promote it in advance. It is very important that you know that in order to broadcast live through this option. After that, you must first have an encoder installed. On the other hand, you can also use the live Hangout option.

You will increase your organic visibility

You will increase your organic visibility. One of the advantages that having a presence on YouTube gives us is that it can increase our visibility in the Google search engine, and this happens because SWB Directory when uploading videos to YouTube we will not only have visibility on this channel but we will also appear in the search results on therefore, we will get visibility on 2 different channels. You will increase web traffic. This advantage is one of the most desired by all users on this channel, since they hope to attract traffic to their website or Blog.

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What is a Webinar and how to use it to sell online

A webinar is a powerful communication tool that can help us as a Branding strategy to make ourselves known. we can also use it as a strategy to gain followers , and finally we can use it to sell our products online. In this post I am going to explain everything you need to know about the Webinar, as well as the structure it must have, and I will end with free and paid software that you can use, and other elements that you need so that you can achieve your goals and even sell things online .

Choose the theme of your Webinar

I recommend that you start by choosing a topic and then choose the title of the conference you will give. Next, what you have to do is prepare content of about 300 or 400 words that will be very useful to create the landing page for that event. Remember to choose an image that has a lot of punch, and that helps your event go viral more easily on Social Networks . If you don’t have much top people data  knowledge in creating a landing page. I am going to recommend a WordPress plugin called Visual Composer. which will help you create super professional landing pages without having any programming knowledge.

Introduce yourself

Presentation is a key aspect to hook your audience to your online conference, since a bad presentation will cause the webinar to end shortly after it starts. You already know that you are a super fan of the magician Juan Tamariz. Therefore, so in the presentation do not bore the people who are taking time to listen to you but rather perform a trick that impresses them and captures all their attention. Therefore, I am not saying that you SWB Directory  take out a deck of cards and say “Cha ta ta chan”, but do look for a game or activity that makes the user participate, and from this moment they go from being a passive user to an active user and very interested in your chat.

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How to get your Blog articles to be a hit on Social Networks

Tips for writing viral content based on the experience of my Blog. In this post I am going to tell you and give examples of the most viral posts on Social Networks on my Blog , to try to find the cause or aspect that differentiates it from the rest. The growth of Social Networks has consolidated it as an essential channel for any brand or business, but do we really know how to write viral posts for our Blog. It seems like yesterday when I started receiving the first visits from social networks and now I am on my way to exceeding 10,000 visits per month received from a single social network.

40 free tools for Online Entrepreneurs

I published this post at the end of 2014, approximately a year ago and I also used a round number like the two previous examples, and for this I made a compilation of tools. which from my experience usually work very well on my email database Blog, and manage to attract traffic from Google and Social Networks, because in my Blog, you will later see how several compilations of tools appear in the Top 10 but I will not get ahead of myself, otherwise I will explain it later.

The 50 best Digital Marketing Blogs in Spanish

This is a post as part of my Branding Strategy, since I had the objective of positioning myself with the keyword “best digital marketing blogs”, and after several months of work I achieved it and it has now been on the first page of Google for a year, for which was a very accurate article. In the post SWB Directory what I did was make a list based on the number of Feedly readers that each Blog had. When I made the post a year ago, my Blog had 628 readers on Feedly and in just 12 months I have gone to 1,788 readers, an increase of 200%.

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Twitter Analytics in Spanish; the guide to squeeze your statistics

Twitter Analytics is a powerful tool, available to everyone. Therefore, that has represented a considerable advance in measuring our results in the actions we take. Since 2014, when the 140-character mark decided to open the doors of our tweet statistics to anyone who had an account and was not just an advertiser. Therefore, the way of analyzing interaction ratios has changed significantly. One of the basic functions when proposing any strategy within Digital Marketing is the analysis of the results that are being obtained. Even more so, if we talk about Twitter, since it is essential to know the times that users have viewed your tweets,

Videos (Beta)

A new option that has recently opened. Although it is still in beta mode, it seems to me to be a very successful feature, taking into account the relevance that the video has had in recent months. In the same way that in Tweets you selected the period to choose, by default the last 4 weeks, in videos it is exactly the same. To modify you job function email list just have to select the period you want. In the first part of the page, there is a graph that shows the views obtained. To continue scrolling and see all the videos with the number of views and completion rate.

Audience data in Twitter Analytics

Below the audience selection, there are four sections that show you data regarding the interests, demographics, lifestyle and mobile footprint of the followers. Let’s see what each of them is about. General information. An overview SWB Directory that shows the main interests of the audience, a graph with gender and mobile operator. Demographic data . Shows a graph of genre, predominant language, audience share by country, and audience share by region.

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Make a Mind Map correctly and step by step?

The human brain retains everything it understands much better. When memorizing concepts or developing the ideas surrounding a project. Therefore, using a mind map can help you retain information better. You’ve probably experienced the chaos that forms in your brain every. Time ideas about a new project flow. How to put in order all this that, a priori. Seems important and relevant. Today I want to talk to you about mental maps. So you can put any complex project or concept in order. As we already did with the concept map. We will also see how you can make your own and I will show you. Some examples that will help you better understand this very effective tool. Drawings or images that represent said ideas that you are developing in the mind map graph.

Make a schematic summary

A Mental Map or mind map is a graphic representation that starts from the origin of a central idea or concept. And develops email contact list other complementary ideas to the main one in a hierarchical way. Therefore, and throughout the representation of the diagram. The main concept is represented in the center of said map. And the secondary ideas associated with it are placed around. It in a radial manner . In turn, secondary ideas can also continue branching into other new concepts that define them. Until the maximum explanation of all of them is completed. To create it, you can use the format with which you feel most comfortable. Keywords inside a balloon, a color code for different levels of depth and/or types of ideas. Drawings or images that represent said ideas that you are developing in the mind map graph.

Write the ideas on a blank sheet of paper

he use of a mind map helps to retain or memorize information in a much simpler way . It is based on the functioning of our brain, which SWB Directory is programmed to recognize short-term memory patterns. For example, when you smell flowers, your brain associates it with spring, good weather, sun, walks, etc. Through the idea bubbles that form mental maps, we are classifying information visually. Therefore, these connections between graphic representations and ideas help us retain information better. Promoting learning and the transmission of thoughts. Here are some reasons that will help you understand what a mind map is for. It is very useful for making a presentation of a new product. A new line of business, or any idea you want to develop in your business.  surrounding the main concept.

Newsletter what is it for

Do you know what a Newsletter is and what benefits they can bring to your digital strategy. If you are starting your business on the Internet. You have surely heard that Email Marketing. Is one of the most powerful and effective techniques. Not in vain, it has been proven that this is one of the ones. That give us content creators the best return on investment. Given that by sending a personalized email. We are entering “the home” of our subscriber , that is, their personal inbox. But before getting into the matter. I would like to start step by step, defining what a Newsletter is. And what are all those reasons to take into account when planning. Our corporate or personal Digital Marketing strategy or plan .

Provide value vs Spam

A newsletter is a digital communication of an informative nature. Carried out through email, which is sent periodically top people data to a database normally segmented by interests. languages, place of residence or any other relevant parameter for the best. Personalization of these messages. . The main objective of a Newsletter is to inform the brand’s subscribers. who would be its customers or followers about the latest news about it. Such news can come in the form of new content, offers,new products for sale. And in general, anything that the brand is interested in promoting. Contrary to what it may seem, this element has no relation to messages. That could be considered spam . Content of interest to subscribers is usually sent. While said subscriber base is achieved through legal methods. And always with the consent of the users themselves.

Convert leads into sales

This represents another channel of contact between your brand and your audience. And through which you can share content with SWB Directory your subscribers. Generally of an exclusive nature that can only be accessed through it. Provide value vs Spam I inform you from now on that. A Newsletter is not a means through which you can send spam to your target. Or target audience since otherwise you would be failing to comply with the normal. Number 1″ of content marketing: the generation and contribution of valuable content. And certainly sending emails to your community is another way to provide. And share content marketing with them . Therefore, when putting it into practice, you should consider whether what. You are going to send will be or they will consider it annoying or intrusive.

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Multistore and what are the advantages of creating it

Do you know the concept « Multistore » in the field of Online business. Do you find it a bit annoying to have to manage multiple stores? Surely yes. And between having a record of all the credentials and maintaining control of the prices. The stock or the products you own, you will surely already be going crazy. And things get worse the more stores you have. But luckily, it is possible to simplify this process and doing so is not really complicated at all. , just implement a multi-store and everything will be solved. Precisely this will be the protagonist of this week’s post. Which is a spectacular solution for those who have this problem. Of having many eCommerce and little time available to manage them all one by one. And if you’re wondering, yes. In PrestaShop it is possible to implement your own, among other platforms.

What is a multistore?

A multi-store is an Online store management system. With which you can create and manage email leads different individual stores within the same place. Basically, it is like using the interface of a single platform. But that has several eCommerces inside. This management system has some similarities with the Marketplace concept. And currently, it is possible to implement it from the main CMS specialized in eCommerce. As is the case with PrestaShop natively and WordPress. Thanks to its famous WooCommerce plugin. What can be used for setting up a multi-store. The main use of this system is to simplify the management of several stores. Allowing you to use the same interface to manage. All the businesses you have at your disposal.

What type of online stores can use a multi-store?

It should be noted that, although these are different businesses. They may share SWB Directory certain characteristics , such as categories. Product information or even the brands you work with, even if they are affiliate profiles. Now, the same also applies to differences. If for example one store specializes in cosmetics and another in clothing. There will be no problems if you want to manage both from a platform of this type. Since you will be able to maintain the individuality of each one . What type of online stores can use a multi-store. This is a quite complicated question and at the same time simple to answer. why Well, because broadly speaking. It is possible to implement a multi-store in practically. Any type of store as long as there is more than one.

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SSL certificate and how can you get it for free for your website?

An SSL certificate (secure socket layer) is a computer security protocol. That guarantees the encrypted transmission of data between a server and a website. With which in addition to improving the encryption and protection of the data on your Site. you will enhance the image of your site. confidence that you are going to transmit to each of your visitors. As you can see, the benefits that. A Secure Socket Layer provides are very relevant. But, to tell us more about the advantages they have. And how to obtain these SSL certificates for free. In this guest post I have Joaquín Barberá Consultant and Web Developer. compare this protocol with our traffic regulations. Made up of norms or rules aimed at allowing vehicles. And pedestrians to circulate in an orderly manner.

How to install an SSL certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate? Surely you will be seeing on the Internet. How today there are job function email list  more and more websites that are installing an SSL certificate. Therefore, now that you know “what an SSL certificate is. You may be wondering: Is it just a new trend or is it something more important. To answer this question, in this post we will also see.. What is a Computer Protocol What advantages does an SSL certificate have. How can we obtain and install it How to configure WordPress after installation But. Let us start at the beginning… 1) What is a Computer protocol. A computer protocol is a series of norms or rules for communication between computers. If we make a simile with our daily world, we could compare this protocol with our traffic regulations. Made up of norms or rules aimed at allowing vehicles. And pedestrians to circulate in an orderly manner.

What is a Computer protocol?

What do the protocols mean here? They matter, a lot. And SSL (Secure Sockets Layer – secure ports layer) and TLS. Transport Layer Security – Transport Layer Security are protocols. That provide secure communications on the Internet . What is an SSL protocol for SWB Directory and when are they used. These communications through the network occur when, for example. We fill out a contact form on a blog or the registration form in an online store. The data filled in in both cases is sent from our browser to a website. And this is when said data runs the risk of being captured by a hacker if it is not encrypted. As it can be easily interpreted and used. Encrypting the data will ensure that the hacker cannot interpret or use it.

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Names for Instagram to choose? How to create a more original username

When choosing a name for Instagram you must be extremely careful. As it is the first thing that those who visit your profile will notice. Furthermore, this will be the name par excellence with which they. Will search for you on this social network. It is becoming more and more difficult to choose an original user, with engagement. And who is attractive to your followers, due to the enormous growth that this platform is experiencing in recent times. But that does not mean you should resign yourself and select one at random or without a more or less clear criterion. Sometimes, it happens that the one you were planning to wear is already taken. So you are left apparently without any possible alternative. Therefore, it is important that, if you have a new project or business idea. The first thing you do is reserve your Web domain. And your usernames for Instagram and other social networks.

1st Account for Personal or Business use

If you have doubts about this topic and you are going to create a new account on Instagram. Don’t miss email database all the alternatives and ideas that I am going to give you. Thus, finding the perfect user for your own Brand does not bring you. Too many headaches. As I mentioned before, choosing an appropriate identity for your brand. Whether personal or corporate, is increasingly difficult, but if you dedicate a few minutes. Your account can bring you great joy, accompanied by a greater number of visits and followers. Let’s see then what factors you should take into account when choosing an original one. 1st Account for Personal or Business use In your Social Media plan. The first thing you should do is see the type of account you are going to create.

2nd Choose original names for Instagram

On the other hand, choosing the username is key and you should try to make it easy to remember. As it will be SWB Directory the one with which your target audience will be able to tag you and search for you on the platform. Following the previous example, the ideal nickname in this case would be panaderialola . 2nd Choose original names for Instagram In this social network with so many active users. The best thing is to stand out from the rest. To do this, the more different and fun your name is. The better. All this, taking into account that if you are a company, without abusing it. Since you will have to give an image of a responsible business. 3rd Bet on simplicity A very complicated one will not be able to stay in the minds of your audience. On the other hand. An easy-to-remember user can make you succeed and stand out from your competition.