Why are marketing and sales

For example. The online store page www.esimerkki.fi/urheilvalineet contains content about sports equipment and the same text content also appears on the page www.esimerkki.fi/blogi/erheiluvaineet . Duplicate content problems often occur in online stores where there are several similar products and product categories. Many times. For example. Product descriptions are copi directly from the manufacturer. Which is double content. Why would google put your page above others if the same content is on 10 other sites? In some cases. Certain content is deliberately copi between different domain names in order to get more traffic to the site.


Whether the title tag you write ends

You cant always influence whether the title tag you write ends up in the search results . But you can help it with the following things. – write the title tag in a suitable size – avoid overusing the keyword – try to use the title business database  tag to summarize the main theme of the page although after this it may seem pointless to even bother thinking about page-specific titles. It is worth continuing to write unique manually creat title tags. Google still uses these self-defin titles in approximately 80% of title tags.

Directly penalize duplicate content

If you are not already familiar with the application. It is an application that interprets images. Which allows the user to search for information bas on the image SWB Directory alone . It can be us. For example. To identify flowers on an evening walk. Check the price of a jar of shampoo found at home. Or search for the name of the product you want and thus also the website that sells it. The feature may not yet be widely us in finland. But it will certainly become more common as part of peoples hunger for information.


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