Newsletter what is it for

Do you know what a Newsletter is and what benefits they can bring to your digital strategy. If you are starting your business on the Internet. You have surely heard that Email Marketing. Is one of the most powerful and effective techniques. Not in vain, it has been proven that this is one of the ones. That give us content creators the best return on investment. Given that by sending a personalized email. We are entering “the home” of our subscriber , that is, their personal inbox. But before getting into the matter. I would like to start step by step, defining what a Newsletter is. And what are all those reasons to take into account when planning. Our corporate or personal Digital Marketing strategy or plan .

Provide value vs Spam

A newsletter is a digital communication of an informative nature. Carried out through email, which is sent periodically top people data to a database normally segmented by interests. languages, place of residence or any other relevant parameter for the best. Personalization of these messages. . The main objective of a Newsletter is to inform the brand’s subscribers. who would be its customers or followers about the latest news about it. Such news can come in the form of new content, offers,new products for sale. And in general, anything that the brand is interested in promoting. Contrary to what it may seem, this element has no relation to messages. That could be considered spam . Content of interest to subscribers is usually sent. While said subscriber base is achieved through legal methods. And always with the consent of the users themselves.

Convert leads into sales

This represents another channel of contact between your brand and your audience. And through which you can share content with SWB Directory your subscribers. Generally of an exclusive nature that can only be accessed through it. Provide value vs Spam I inform you from now on that. A Newsletter is not a means through which you can send spam to your target. Or target audience since otherwise you would be failing to comply with the normal. Number 1″ of content marketing: the generation and contribution of valuable content. And certainly sending emails to your community is another way to provide. And share content marketing with them . Therefore, when putting it into practice, you should consider whether what. You are going to send will be or they will consider it annoying or intrusive.

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