Multistore and what are the advantages of creating it

Do you know the concept « Multistore » in the field of Online business. Do you find it a bit annoying to have to manage multiple stores? Surely yes. And between having a record of all the credentials and maintaining control of the prices. The stock or the products you own, you will surely already be going crazy. And things get worse the more stores you have. But luckily, it is possible to simplify this process and doing so is not really complicated at all. , just implement a multi-store and everything will be solved. Precisely this will be the protagonist of this week’s post. Which is a spectacular solution for those who have this problem. Of having many eCommerce and little time available to manage them all one by one. And if you’re wondering, yes. In PrestaShop it is possible to implement your own, among other platforms.

What is a multistore?

A multi-store is an Online store management system. With which you can create and manage email leads different individual stores within the same place. Basically, it is like using the interface of a single platform. But that has several eCommerces inside. This management system has some similarities with the Marketplace concept. And currently, it is possible to implement it from the main CMS specialized in eCommerce. As is the case with PrestaShop natively and WordPress. Thanks to its famous WooCommerce plugin. What can be used for setting up a multi-store. The main use of this system is to simplify the management of several stores. Allowing you to use the same interface to manage. All the businesses you have at your disposal.

What type of online stores can use a multi-store?

It should be noted that, although these are different businesses. They may share SWB Directory certain characteristics , such as categories. Product information or even the brands you work with, even if they are affiliate profiles. Now, the same also applies to differences. If for example one store specializes in cosmetics and another in clothing. There will be no problems if you want to manage both from a platform of this type. Since you will be able to maintain the individuality of each one . What type of online stores can use a multi-store. This is a quite complicated question and at the same time simple to answer. why Well, because broadly speaking. It is possible to implement a multi-store in practically. Any type of store as long as there is more than one.

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