Make a Mind Map correctly and step by step?

The human brain retains everything it understands much better. When memorizing concepts or developing the ideas surrounding a project. Therefore, using a mind map can help you retain information better. You’ve probably experienced the chaos that forms in your brain every. Time ideas about a new project flow. How to put in order all this that, a priori. Seems important and relevant. Today I want to talk to you about mental maps. So you can put any complex project or concept in order. As we already did with the concept map. We will also see how you can make your own and I will show you. Some examples that will help you better understand this very effective tool. Drawings or images that represent said ideas that you are developing in the mind map graph.

Make a schematic summary

A Mental Map or mind map is a graphic representation that starts from the origin of a central idea or concept. And develops email contact list other complementary ideas to the main one in a hierarchical way. Therefore, and throughout the representation of the diagram. The main concept is represented in the center of said map. And the secondary ideas associated with it are placed around. It in a radial manner . In turn, secondary ideas can also continue branching into other new concepts that define them. Until the maximum explanation of all of them is completed. To create it, you can use the format with which you feel most comfortable. Keywords inside a balloon, a color code for different levels of depth and/or types of ideas. Drawings or images that represent said ideas that you are developing in the mind map graph.

Write the ideas on a blank sheet of paper

he use of a mind map helps to retain or memorize information in a much simpler way . It is based on the functioning of our brain, which SWB Directory is programmed to recognize short-term memory patterns. For example, when you smell flowers, your brain associates it with spring, good weather, sun, walks, etc. Through the idea bubbles that form mental maps, we are classifying information visually. Therefore, these connections between graphic representations and ideas help us retain information better. Promoting learning and the transmission of thoughts. Here are some reasons that will help you understand what a mind map is for. It is very useful for making a presentation of a new product. A new line of business, or any idea you want to develop in your business.  surrounding the main concept.

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