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The most common paths and easily navigating homepage categories. The high use of popular pages also had us congratulating each other. Issues already ticke off We’re constantly Navigation highlighte  iterating, so over a third of the issues raise from round 2 had already been complete by round 3. Developing in Agile allows our team to be exactly that, which meant we already had a plan of attack to fix: visual design: some users notd the website looke “plain”. Our latest release incorporates an “NZ” feel with a change in colour, layout and (soon to be included) images.

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Design now includes a prominence of popular pages (which are dynamic) liste on the homepage, plus hub pages now feature the most relevant pages hosted within a hub. external India Phone Number List   links not leading where expecte link styles were not add prior to round 3 testing. Design alterations are underway and will be complete for production release. search/filter improvements: design, help text and content have been update to assist with this. What to expect when goes live  resolve them .

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Search improvements

Current developments planned for go live include: further updates on site search (currently “severe” so this is our highest priority) refinement on Government A–Z listings and  Iran Phone Number List  search through filter options creating a quicker path for users “to complain about government”. Talk to us — we love to share Feedback is valuable, from whatever source. We’re looking forward to getting feedback from users once the site is fully live — we know this will give us more things to look at, and the site will get even better. We use open source code and our API is public because we believe sharing is important.

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