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Our first round of user testing since publishing . We learned a lot. Seeing actual users use your site is always enlightening…and occasionally frustrating. The urge to shake them When you assume and yell “it’s right there!” can be strong. Things that seemed so obvious when you did them turn out not to be obvious at all. Overall, the testing showed we’re on the right track. There’s still a few things we need to think about, but people were very positive. Task completion went up from 69% in the last round to 86% in this round .

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Atheme, that theme was probably “assumptions”. Assumptions we’d made that turned out to be false, and how users’ assumptions influenced their behaviour. Here are a few Brazil Phone Number List  examples… Age It’s generally accepted that you can break your audience down by age. Young people are internet-savvy and want to do things without talking to a person. The older generation still like to make a phone call or see someone face to face, are probably not sure how technology works, and might want a lot of help and extra information. Standard stuff, right? Except it no longer seems to be true.

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Enough that even your grandmother has probably been using it for years, and people in their teens and 20s have never lived in a world without it. We had an elderly gentleman China Phone Number List  who was completely internet-savvy and happy to do everything online, followed by a young man in his early 20s who wanted to call someone at some point in every task. Basic personality types seem to be overriding any age-based factors in how people behave. There are still older people who aren’t confident online, but equally there are young people who just want to talk to someone — and pensioners who’d rather not.

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