How To Set Before Live Stream

Before you can use the Shopee Livestream Feature, you must complete this Shopee Livestream Request form.

It may take two to five business days for the Shopee team to review your request to use the Shopee LiveStream feature. You will receive a notification once you are approved.

You select a product from your favorites list or from your store. You can select up to a maximum of 200 items. When you do, make sure that you go to Seller Center first and set a discounted price for the product

Edit Details Before Clicking Next

You can rearrange the product to your liking. Edit details. Click next to preview your stream.

Check Your Camera

Make sure the lens is clean and your phone has enough battery to support live streaming. It’s important to use a tripod to set up the camera with the rear lens facing you. The front camera will provide a mirror image when used for Shopee Live.

Functions In Shopee Live Features
Shopping Bag icon. Allows sellers to showcase products during live streams. During streaming, only one product can be displayed on the screen at any given time. Click on the new product to replace the current one. There is also an Add button during the stream. However, you can edit the product order at that time.

If you don’t add any products before the live stream, the bag icon won’t appear during the stream. In this case, you whatsapp mobile number list will also not be able to add new products during your session.

Your products will not immediately appear in your live broadcast. You can decide to show it to your viewers by tapping on the shopping bag icon and clicking the Show button. This lets you bookmark store vouchers during the stream which you can give out to your viewers as they go live.

Your voucher will not be automatically displayed when you display. You have to tap on the voucher button and click Show for the voucher you want your viewers to see.

How Can You Share Shopping Vouchers

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First, you have to go to the Seller Center and make a shop voucher. Make sure the expiration date is beyond two days from the live day. Note that you also need one more voucher in stock for you to be eligible to use this for a live broadcast.

When you go live, tap the voucher icon. A list of available vouchers eligible for the prize will be visible to you.

Once you select a voucher, a 30 second countdown will start for all users to claim. You can also uncheck vouchers at any time. If a customer claims a voucher, it will disappear from view.

Message icon This feature allows SWB Directory subscribers to type comments and interact with you during a live broadcast. You, as the host, can view and ban comments as they come.

Inbox icon This icon is quite famous as the Share feature. When someone clicks on this icon, the user will be able to share the stream to his social media.

Smiley And Camera icon The smiley icon lets you control which filters are active during a stream. On the other hand, the camera icon lets you switch between using the front and rear cameras.

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