Known Issues That May Interfere With Live Streaming

You may experience interruptions during broadcasts for the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate content posted by the host

Shopee admin can decide to stop live streaming if there is serious violation in your content. In this case, no notification will be displayed. Viewers will only be sent to the end page of the live broadcast.

Shopee can also provide you with an early warning popup. Only the host will see this popup warning them of inappropriate content or violation of certain Shopee rules. The host must heed the warning. If not, Shopee will have to stop live streaming.

  • Internet Connection Problems

When there is a problem with the internet connection, the host can end the live stream or choose to reconnect with the audience.

Content Guidelines For Shopee Live Streamers

In order to maintain its status phone number list as one of the leading eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia, Shopee is careful in the type of content allowed on the website.

Merchants are strictly prohibited from sharing inappropriate content during live broadcasts. Inappropriate content refers to:

The format below is provided by Shopee itself to serve as the standard program stream for live streaming. 

The duration for the opening monologue should range from 30 seconds to one minute. This is the time for you to introduce and provide an overview of what live streaming is today. Encourage viewers to stay until the end by letting them know if there will be a giveaway or incentive at the end of the live broadcast.

Key Content From Live Streaming

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The duration for the main content depends on the type of product you are trying to market. Preferably, the time span should exceed five minutes.

In order to captivate your viewers, keeping the live stream interactive is very important. Periodically, check the SWB Directory comments section and respond to any questions they have. You can also ask them questions to keep the room alive. For example, you could ask your audience what they think of a product or type of content they’d like to see in their next live stream. It is also a good idea to mention some of your viewers’ answers as this gives the viewers more excitement.

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