Campofrío is finalizing the launch of the last spot

The ‘blue helmets’ saga: the campaign has surpassed downloads on the Internet. Campofrío will launch the fifth and final advertisement in the ‘blue helmets’ saga before May. The campaign has surpassed the downloads on the Internet and has generated a significant number of positive comment . Among campofrío is finalizing which the congratulations of some military personnel stand out. The firm has highlighted that the four advertisements already issued have given the company record notoriety in its tracking (sales monitoring). The food company has opted on this occasion to present its advertisements on the Internet for the first time.

Jorge Martínez Range Director

Campofrío has assured El Confidencial Digital that “the new habits in media consumption .  Where the Internet and social networks have increasing weight . Make these channels New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data  important for our promotion. Campofrío’s commitment to the network has been accompanied by an increase in sales greater than the levels that had occurred before the campaign. Although this promotion has had a medium investment. It has achieved a high impact thanks . According to Jorge Martínez, to the support it has received on social networks and popular sites. The promotion of the ‘blue helmets’ has focused, in the first three advertisements, on already known products of the brand and has left the last two to promote new products.

Whatsapp Data

They are currently launching Campofrío is finalizing

Campofrío’s new mini fuet and mini chorizo with the slogan “to snack wherever you want.” This advertisement is supported by a complementary action on YouTube that asks Canada Whatsapp Number List  the consumer: “Where would you eat your Campofrío Minis?” This campaign demonstrates that advertising 2.0 is increasingly being implemented in the communication strategies of large companies. One of the milestones of the change in the advertising trend in Spain was the Internet preview of the Freixenet Christmas campaign directed by Martin Scorsese in 2007. Most of the spots previewed on the Internet have YouTube as their main channel.

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