Large exporting companies are fed up Repsol Acciona

Iberdrola and BBVA criticize the increase in financing for NGOs . The reduction in aid for foreign trade The recent reduction in the budgets of the Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX), together with the 16% drop in exports in 2009, has set off alarm bells in the main Spanish exporting companies. The sector is demanding Large exporting companies that a high percentage of aid allocated to NGOs be aimed at increasing foreign trade. At the moment . Spanish companies are experiencing a delicate economic situation at the national level. Instead, they observe how a high percentage of their profits come from abroad .

The president of the Exporters

Club balbino prieto explained to El Confidencial Digital that “given the paralysis of the domestic market.  The logical thing is to go abroad.” To achieve this . Balbino considers that it is UK WhatsApp Number Data  necessary to reinforce Spain’s external diplomatic service with more embassies in Asia and Africa . The club’s senior official adds that a greater number of commercial offices must be created abroad and some European consulates must be closed . Which at this point have become “useless. This increase in the Spanish presence abroad is a priority objective within the club.

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The president considers that

The number of large Spanish companies abroad should increase from the current 2,000 to 5,000. As for SMEs, currently 30,000 , they should increase to 50,000. Balbino Prieto Cambodia Whatsapp Number List  believes that this increase will generate greater wealth. Some of the Club’s proposals to improve the economic situation are: — Take profound measures to improve competitiveness . Support innovation and improve foreign trade financing. — Increase the relations of universities with companies and change the Spanish educational system by reorienting it to a greater study of the economy.

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