Bodybell relieves its CEO Francisco Martín Consuegra

Losses in the second largest perfumery and drugstore company in the country Francisco Martín Consuegra voluntarily left the management of the Bodybell company on March 15. His replacement comes at a time when the company is going through a ‘delicate’ situation. After two consecutive years with losses in Bodybell relieves its its income statement, the group managed to close 2009 with revenues of 245 million euros Businessman Francisco Martín Consuegra was ‘signed’ by the Bodybell chain of drugstore and perfumery establishments in 2005. He came from the top management of the Leche Pascual group.

Unofficial sources from Bodybell have acknowledged

El Confidencial Digital that Martín Consuegra has not been in the company’s central offices in Madrid since March 15.” Moment from which “the company is totally  Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data disconnected from him . According to what they told ECD . Francisco Martín Consuegra requested voluntary resignation on September 1 and communicated his decision to the company’s partners. He conveyed his desire to embark on new professional paths through a letter that he sent to different people at Bodybell as confirmed confidentially by sources close to him.

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This confidentiality has also been in contact

Those responsible for Dinamia and Nmas1 high-risk funds co-owned by Bodybell. A spokesperson for the company has acknowledged that there have been changes in the management China Whatsapp Number List  leadership and that “there is already a person designated to replace Francisco Martín Consuegra . Although he has not provided any details about the successor. Regarding the reasons for the dismissal of its CEO.  The same spokesperson states: “we do not have any comments about Bodybell.” The replacement of the businessman occurs at a ‘delicate’ moment for the economic and financial situation of the firm. The drugstore and perfumery chain .  The second in the market after El Corte Inglés has been accumulating losses for several years.

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