A 30-year-old graduate with extensive experience

The profile Amancio Ortega is looking for to promote Zara around the world: base salary of 50,000 euros The Inditex group has decided to bet on ‘young promises’ in 2010. The A 30-year-old multinational is looking for candidates between 25 and 35 years old to become ‘product manager’ in all its chains. His salary starts at 50,000 euros, to which all kinds of advantages are adde. Most candidates would be in charge of promoting Zara around the world. As you have been able to know The regional chambers of commerce and the The person hired usually spends a first stage at the Arteixo headquarters, in A Coruña and in Tempe, Alicante.

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The different vacancies in the group at an international level. Group sources have explaine to ECD that Inditex is a company that has a favorable stance towards dynamism and Canada Telegram Number Data  innovation. The firm assures that “a lot is investe in youth” and they add that “the average age does not excee 30 years.” The Digital Confidential The company owne Amancio Ortega has been committe to strong international expansion since its creation . This challenge has meant for the firm its consolidation as a world leader in textile fashion. This is demonstrate its figures from last year in which 68% of the turnover comes from abroad.

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The multinational has more than 4,600

Establishments and is present in 74 countries.According to the latest known results .  Corresponding to fiscal year 2009 . The company owne by the venture capital funds Mercapital . Nmas1 and  Ethiopia Telegram Number Dinamia has achieve revenues of 245 million euros, with a deviation of 4.5% from the establishe business plan. The balances for 2008 and 2007 were negative. It close 2008 with red numbers of 7.5 million euros when the previous year had been almost 11 million euros. Those responsible for the chain affirme when these data became known that the economic crisis was responsible for these results.

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