After the thesis writing plan

 By re-watching the learning videos in class. Thereafter, around 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Reza started completing his paper in installments.  is completed, Reza will fully focus on Bangkit’s learning process. Reza’s hard work allowed him to successfully pass every challenge in Bangkit’s 900 hours of study. This is where Reza’s turning point and the struggle begins. He tried his best to become a good time manager, such as studying on campus to improve his GPA and taking part-time jobs to make ends meet while studying at Bangkit. The increase far exceeded expectations “The results far exceeded expectations” is Reza’s impression of this career preparation program. Reza started to realize many things one by one while studying at Bangkit. 

Being able to meet Bangkit

One of them is that the GPA has increased from a full 1 point to 3.19. “Rise Up was a great opportunity. Bangkit provided everything I needed to enter the professional world. I didn’t just learn IT. Here I was able to practice soft skills and get plenty of space to collaborate.”participants from all over Indonesia and from different backgrounds is Reza’s favorite thing. The student who whatsapp number list hose the cloud computing learning path also admitted that he thoroughly enjoyed working together on the capstone project. His current responsibilities include ensuring that IBM JTI’s internal core applications are running as expected, automating internal team business processes (such as Finance and HR), and managing IBM JTI’s core applications. The experience he gained .

Bangkit helped Reza with work

At involving legacy code in the application. He has a deep understanding of html, css, and JS. Being part of a subsidiary of an American multinational company is an achievement that Reza is very proud of. He is very happy because Reza’s company now attaches great importance to improving the quality of its employees through SWB Directory various skills improvement and learning activities. The knowledge Reza gained at Bangkit, such as soft skills, adaptability and time management, he believes will be very useful in his career. “Take advantage of this opportunity. Rise is truly an opportunity to showcase yourself to the fullest,” Reza told Bangkit 2022 attendees. Reza knew that the path he took was very difficult and that many young people might take detours like him. But Reza repeatedl.

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