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Fundamentals . The list of selected participants to receive advanced class scholarships . In the Advanced class in the Lintasarta Digischool 2021 program can be seen.  A;t the following link: Congratulations to those of you who have successfully received the middle class scholarship. If you still have questions, please email: [email protected] We will distribute middle class scholarship tokens via email to recipients on Monday, April 12 2021. Happy learning, fellow Indonesian developers. Let’s together improve the quality of programming in Indonesia. For those of you who haven’t been selected, don’t be discouraged. Look forward to other Indonesian digital talent scholarship.

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programs from Lintasarta and Dicoding. Greetings and good luck! Lintasarta Digischool 2021Baparekraf Developer Day is an activity. eld by the  Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf) with the aim of honing the technical skills of application whatsapp database developers in Indonesia. This activity allows the transfer of knowledge and industry standards directly from successful practitioners, especially in the field of application development. On April 3 2021, Baparekraf Developer Day was held . Again with more than 30,000 developers participating from all over Indonesia via live broadcast on the page: . Today we are announcing 100 lucky winners who are entitled to receive . Exclusive merchandise from the BDD 2021 event. The following are the winners Android Application installing GCC. 2. Get to know what the main() function is?  of a program.for the first time.

Therefore you must always

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include the main() function in a program, for example like this: int main() { //… return 0 } The meaning of int in front of main is the type of data type that will be returned. In the main() function , you must include return 0 . This means that the main function will   that a programmer must master. Of course, there is still a lot to learn and master, such as package manager, unit testing , code review, etc. The soft skills SWB Directory that you need to hone are  You should know the various internet protocols, namely HTTP,  Manguni Squad manguni squad Not only foreign products can develop war-themed games. Indonesia has a . Want to be the best? Learn from the best ! Go deeper, Mas Naren ”  out the articles: 7 Recommendations for Local Android Multiplayer Games Dream Comes True: Game Engineer Dicoding Attends.

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