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 will be rewarded!” Finally, the best version of ourselves is the key to rising “higher” step by step. Read inspiring stories from other Bangkit graduates below Rise changed my life Challenge your own limits Rise Unicorn Internship OpportunitiesThe term Cloud or Cloud Computing is familiar to software developers (developers). However, do you already know this Cloud technology? If you are a developer, it is mandatory to always keep up with the times. So, there’s nothing wrong if you start getting to know Cloud technology now. In this article, we will introduce you to Cloud technology. Starting from its understanding, benefits, to its implementation on one of the proud local Cloud Providers, namely Cloudeka! Getting to Know Cloud Technology When you want to build an application that operates and can be accessed anywhere, of course you need a server.

A server is a computer connected

To the internet, tasked with serving user requests, and is required to remain active so that services can continue to be accessed anytime and anywhere. The role of the server is very important in building applications. It is so important that the computer that becomes the server needs to be equipped with high whatsapp data specifications so that it is not overwhelmed by serving many requests from users. Apart from high specifications, the server also needs to be connected to a super sophisticated internet network. The goal is so that services can be accessed anywhere quickly and reliably. Servers also need electricity that never turns off and a cool room, to keep the server in optimal condition. Because of this, server provision is a scary prospect when building an application system. 

Why not Apart from the complex

 Requirements, the costs required to build a server independently (O n-Premise ) are very expensive. Since the arrival of Cloud technology, this scourge is slowly disappearing. Cloud is the solution to the complexity that we need to face when we need a server. How come? Because with Cloud technology, we can build a server in just minutes. Extraordinary! By utilizing SWB Directory Cloud technology, some of the burdens related to server provision can be reduced. You don’t need to prepare computer hardware, super fast internet, stable electricity, and a cool room. These things will be handled by a vendor who we call a Cloud Provider . Using the Cloud, you as a developer can focus on things that can increase business profits rather than thinking .

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