Content that interests the customer

In this case. Keyword cannibalization starts eating your visibility. A good indicator of keyword cannibalization is decreas rankings or if you see from google search console data that google is showing several different landing pages for the same keyword. An example of keyword cannibalization a three-part guide on bathroom renovation is written on three different pages on the website. Emphasizing the search term bathroom renovation. In this case. These three different pages start competing with each other for the same search term – bathroom renovation.


Know which of these three pages

Google does not know which of these three pages to display. And when a visitor searches for information with a cannibaliz search term (bathroom business lead renovation). The search engine visibility of all pages suffers. Whats the solution? Combining the guide under one subpage would eliminate the cannibalization problem and at the same time provide the guides readers with a broader overview of the topic. External links have a significant impact on search engine visibility.


Search engine rankings duplicate


Duplicate content can eat into search engine rankings duplicate content means content that is similar to other content. I.e. The same text appears in two different urls. Google SWB Directory values ​​original content and always prioritizes it over copies. For this reason. For example. Ready-made content materials available from the manufacturers or competitors website are not necessarily the best content to put on your own website. In the worst case. Google can leave content it identifies as duplicates completely out of the search results.


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