Top 3 Reasons Why It is Worth Analyzing Your

You already know that learning about the advantages of your competitors’ optimization activities provides inspiration. What else can you expect from a study on brand rival companies?

Reason 1. You will save some time. When you decide to analyze the practices of competing brands, you are aware of their dynamic activities. Therefore, all you have to do is test keywords based on basic information about the activity of competing companies.

Reason 2. Expanding the functionality of the website. Examining what the competition has brought to their own websites allows you to verify whether this idea actually works, and whether (perhaps) it is worth using it in managing your own sales platform.

Finally a bit about technical SEO

Reason 3. Not just a SWOT analysis, but a more thorough review of the activities of competitive enterprises.

By checking their position in the search engine and visibility for specific keywords, you gain a signal in the context of further positioning plans.

If you deal with SEO professionally and plan to undertake the Ws Data process of analyzing competition, it becomes valuable to establish relationships with people from a specific industry. Why is this important?

This is, in a way, the foundation in developing advertising strategies. Getting to know the environment “from the inside” gives insight into phrases identified with a specific business and the opinions of individual team members regarding the effectiveness of positioning for given phrases.

Getting to Know the Environment From the Inside

The practice becomes more important when the positioner does not have sufficient knowledge about the field in which the online store specializes.

Finally, a bit about technical SEO When analyzing competing websites, it is impossible SWB Directory to ignore the technical perspective of SEO. Examining what solutions work well is an important aspect in building or modifying a website.

When it comes to technical SEO, you should focus on: preparing and implementing a site map, adding a robots.txt file on the website, optimizing: URLs, meta tags, page speed, implementing: SSL certificate, redirects, structured data.

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