Knowledge of Link Building in the Precision

SEO competition analysis also refers to thorough verification of incoming links. Thanks to this, SEO specialists are able to determine how much of their finances they should allocate to link building.

There are several tools that allow you to estimate the competitiveness of links, although the most popular are Surfer and Ahrefs. That’s not all we can expect from link research.

In addition to estimating the budget, those monitoring the activities of competing companies are able to check the sources of obtaining valuable links. Previous practices focusing on quantity had the opposite effect than intended, i.e. drops in the search engine ranking list.

Proven positioning analysis tools Surfer and Ahrefs

SEO competition analysis gives you the opportunity to gain insight into the areas of your rival’s website to which most links are redirected.

This allows you to check the effectiveness of the optimization strategy and implement Whatsapp Data possible corrections in its area. Moreover, thanks to a specific tool, it is possible to view the follow and nofollow values ​​accompanying specific links.

Surfer and Ahrefs turn out to be leaders in the process of analyzing competition for SEO. You don’t have to worry about time-consuming manual verification of phrases.

Thanks to the functionality of these instruments, you can quite efficiently check the operation of a specific website. We have prepared a small user manual that will dispel any doubts regarding the use of the tools.

Browsers to choose from for color Ahrefs at the ready

The indispensable Surfer
If you want to get acquainted with a large number of sites located in the top places, Surfer will certainly help SWB Directory you with this. Using it, you can analyze various types of information, from the entire content, meta title, description, ALT descriptions of photos, to the headlines themselves.

Researching long-tail phrases is his specialty, as is learning about external links. Although Surfer is an effective analytical tool, it is worth supplementing it with additional marketing instruments.

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