The spread of electronic medical records

By the early 1990s, electronic technology had entered most US medical practices, but computers were still used to a limited extent (mostly to keep records up to date). Specifically, EHRs continue to be viewable primarily at inpatient medical facilities and academic practices and include data exchange for claims processing and image scanning for document capture. It is only with the advent of the Internet that the change gradually spread on a large scale : from that moment on, recording and transferring prescription history and sharing electronic medical records ceased to be discontinuous and sporadic activities.

It is undoubtedly one of the most significant

Transformations that has ever occurred in the healthcare sector: the electronic medical record centralizes patient data , making it accessible, searchable and shareable between healthcare facilities with the result of a progressive rationalization Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Data of information and the reduction of paper documentation. Electronic health records have made patient data more accurate and made it easier to access, update and share vital medical information. In this way they not only improved the quality of care, but also the coordination between the various healthcare professionals. Effectively imposing a new paradigm of communication in Healthcare.

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Also during the 1960s,

A new “problem-oriented” approach to the (still paper) medical record began to emerge which involved the addition of further information to enrich France WhatsApp Number List the clinical picture of the individual patient. The coordination of preventive care and its administration and becomes an effective means of communication for members of the healthcare teams.

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