The challenges to creating effective communication

Let’s take a look at some evidence from studies recently conducted by McKinsey .  A 2021 survey of more than 3,000 US healthcare consumers found that satisfied patients were 28% less likely to change providers. Healthcare providers that had implemented changes focused on improving the consumer experience, including through marketing efforts, had seen their revenues increase by up to 20% over five years, while service costs decreased by up to 30%. These two data points capture a situation in which consumers expect increasingly transparent, predictable and mobile-optimized experiences from healthcare providers .

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On the other hand, healthcare systems have the same aspirations as companies in any other sector: to create long-term relationships with their consumers. Today, however, most organizations operating in Healthcare appear to lack some fundamental capabilities and these shortcomings end up hindering the creation of a truly personalized and complete Thailand WhatsApp Data patient’s journey. According to McKinsey, the major limitations can be summarized in three points. Disjointed consumer experience and lack of customization. Multi-channel consumer touchpoints can lead to fragmented and impersonal experiences due to a lack of integration between consumer data and digital platforms.

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Silo organization.

Silos result in limited ability to track current and potential consumers across channels and devices, as well as a lack of organization-wide access to Spain WhatsApp Number List consumer data tracking tools. Lack of consumer-centric data. Lack of data (clinical and non-clinical) due to limited multi-channel access prevents a real-time, 360-degree view of consumers’ care needs. The common element here is above all one: insufficient communication , due to fragmented information and the lack of an omnichannel strategy for the creation and distribution of personalized and interactive content.

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