The 5 steps of the Customer Journey

The ultimate goal of a Customer Journey Map is to improve Customer Experience . Understanding how customers “naturally” move, to ensure they are in the right place. At the right time, with the right proposal. First of all, therefore, it is a question of analyzing the different steps of the typical Customer Journey . Classically, 5 are identified, which every marketing expert knows very well. We will review them briefly. And here we are at the moment in which the customer decides to complete the purchase, in a physical store or in a digital shop. Therefore: maximum attention must be paid to this phase which. In a Customer Journey Map , is the one very close to the objective. In fact, a very large number of abandonments are recorded right here.


It is the initial stage of the Customer Journey. The one where the potential customer is realizing they have a problem or need. To return to the example Brazil WhatsApp Data of shoes: I want to start running but I don’t have the right shoes. So I start doing some research. An example? A video that explains the importance of choosing the right type of shoe to improve your performance and avoid having physical problems. Pay attention to this data: in 2023, the average cart abandonment rate in an online shop is 70.19 source. This is the decisive phase in which Customer Satisfaction comes into play. Pay attention to this data (source: Zendesk CX Trends 2022 ). 81% of people declare that dealing with good Customer Service makes them more likely to make other purchases with the same company.

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After gaining awareness. It is time to choose Italy WhatsApp Number List between different products or services. Comparing them and choosing the one that seems best to us. This is the consideration phase. A decisive phase, in which an enormous number of factors come into play. The awareness of the brand, its reputation, the ability to rely on the right testimonials on the right platforms. The effectiveness of one’s marketing strategies in general. In short, the objective is to make the customer understand that our shoe model is precisely the one best suited to him or her. In this article we will see how to do it. And we can only start by isolating the 5 main steps through which a typical Customer Journey develops.

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