How to improve the customer experience by mapping the Customer Journey

The digital transformation puts the customer at the center of the business: it is a fundamental fact, but one which too often is limited to being repeated like a valid slogan in the abstract, without translating it into a truly operational paradigm shift. So let’s try to be concrete. What does it mean to put the customer at the center? First, know who this customer is ; know their characteristics, preferences and needs. And, consequently, make sure to adapt your proposals (from communication, to marketing, to the products themselves) anticipating their possible desires .

What’s in between?

The Customer Journey . That is, that path of touch-points and interactions between a company and a customer that leads to the achievement of a specific objective . Usually it involves the purchase of a product or service ; but there are also (very important) objectives Cambodia WhatsApp Data that concern retention , loyalty , advocacy (therefore the image and reputation of the brand itself). With digital, customer journeys are anything but linear . In fact, they unfold along a large number of touchpoints . Not only that: in fact, they almost always cross different channels, devices and platforms . In short, a much more complex path , which however guarantees us a more satisfactory purchase . The good news for companies is that, despite this complexity, this whole set of choices always remains traceable .

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Let’s take a very practical example:

We are in a physical sporting goods store and our attention is drawn to a pair of running shoes. We’re just taking a look to get a first idea. Until a few years ago we would have limited ourselves to trying on shoes, looking at ourselves in the mirror, and France WhatsApp Number List taking a few steps in the shop. Today, however, we could do research on our smartphone to quickly read reviews and compare prices. Back home, with more calm, we could read more in-depth opinions on specialist forums. Then, perhaps, move to the brand’s Instagram page. End up on the online shop to have a wider range of colors available. Finally, complete the purchase with a digital payment and then leave a review. However, it is a question of learning how to draw precise , in-depth Customer Journey Maps that are functional for your purposes .


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