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At this stage you can already drop the role of keyword advertising and calculate the mia costs us for it. In another situation. You notice that your brand name has a search ranking of 1. But the ctr of the page is low. For example 30-40%. At this point. You should check that your competitors are advertising with your brand name. If they advertise. Protecting your own brand with brand advertising is profitable. Because brand advertising is relatively inexpensive . And you wont lose traffic to competitors because of this. If youve manag to read this far.


Because it is believ to cause

Duplicate content is fear precisely because it is believ to cause a google penalty and even lower your search engine visibility. Cannibalization business email list of search terms or keywords belongs to the theme of double content. It means that your site has several content units that emphasize the same keyword or set of keywords. For example. You cant try to increase your search rankings by repeating a search term throughout the site as much as possible.


Cannibalization as big a problem

But are double content and cannibalization as big a problem as is often fear? And how can you avoid traditional pitfalls in content production when you want the SWB Directory best search engine visibility for your site? After reading this blog. You will understand what double content or keyword cannibalization causes on your pages. You will know how to avoid the problems caus by these. And you will get the means to find out if the problem already occurs on your own pages.


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