The right kind of content to support

Thats why its good for you to tell googles bots the content of that image in the form of alt text. It should also be mention that the eu accessibility directive requires in some cases that websites and mobile applications and content must be accessible and understandable by all user groups. For this reason. You should also use a little thought when naming the image. Because bots will also use that information to their advantage. Lets say that elecro-harmonix-holy-grail-nano.jpeg.


Distribution format and file size of the i

It should be not that the distribution format and file size of the images should be check before this. So that a large number b2b leads of images does not affect the spe of the site. Questions relat to image search engine optimization have been answer very well here. 8. A joint game of keyword advertising and search engine optimization last section left and i promise not to mention quality content this time. When you implement well-plann multi-channel digital marketing.

Visible only months later

The results of which are visible only months later. Lets imagine. For example. That you introduce a new service to your website and you want to receive requests for offers SWB Directory immiately. The content is well written in a search engine optimiz way. Metadata and other aspects affecting search engine optimization have been taken into account and the cta buttons are in place. Since its a new page on the web. It will certainly take days. If not weeks. For googles bots to even index your page in search results.


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