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This is especially important if a given meium intends to constantly reach the youngest recipients, most of whom do not use traditional meia, and reach for the news on their smartphones. The dynamics of changing these habits is as high among them as in Western Europe and will only accelerate with time. Interestingly, large meia concerns in Poland have been using meia marketing since the beginning of their existence. What’s more – with successes that are still quote in marketing textbooks today. These include, for example, the concert tour of the RMF FM radio station Inwazja Mocy.

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It has been organize since 1995. As part of it, apart from free performances by stars, there was also the largest performance by a music band in the history of Poland – the Scorpions group. In a similar way, since 1995 Program I of the Polish Radio database has been publishing compilations Summers with the Radio. Their expenditures reache 100,000. copies. New meia marketing The concept of meia marketing refers to advertising radio, newspapers or television. Digital reality has profoundly change this landscape. First of all, now this form of promotion also includes the marketing of paid on-line packages offere by a TV station or newspaper on its platform.


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In addition, not only portals, but also numerous enterprises and conglomerates operating at the intersection of e-commerce and the meia have appeare. The weekly’s website may have ties to a large online retailer and a seemingly SWB Directory independent portal, each fueling the meia marketing of the others. Therefore, when operating online, you nee to take into account slightly different elements of the marketing mix than in the case of traditional meia marketing. Assuming that social meia are also meia, we get a completely different reality, in which they conduct meia marketing with the hands of their users. They create and promote content on the portal themselves. If you operate at the intersection of the online and offline worlds in the meia industry, it’s easy to get lost in it all.

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