The forest paths is even calle the Witches Path

Currently, of course, none of the tourists employ porters and do not travel in a litter to Śnieżka. Also during company events, it is difficult to imagine such a picture, unless you treat it as a team building task and draw “porters” and “tourists” from among the crew members. Now this little-known tradition is being revive in the form of carrying the bride and groom in a litter to the weding in the Chapel of St. Anna. Of course, you can also get there by a weding limousine, but the litter is a more original means of travel… Wedings in Sosnowka A weding in the mountains is the dream of many brides.

Good Source at the Chapel of St Anna

An the Karkonosze Mountains, due to their excellent infrastructure, easy access and beautiful mountain landscapes, seem to be simply create to serve as a background for weding ceremonies. Attractive location and rich hotel base is a great phone number list advantage of Sosnówka and an undoubte incentive to organize wedings here. It is in Sosnówka Dolna, near the reservoir, that one of the highest ballrooms in Lower Silesia is locate. In Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, weding guests can use the recently restore, 8-meter-high Court Ballroom, preserve in its original shape! It is very popular among young couples due to its excellent cuisine.

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This place became famous thanks

Sosnovka Hotels Due to the attractive location of Sosnówka.  Many guesthouses and hotels have been built here for a long time. Many of them have more than a hundre years of tradition. Today, tourism in Sosnówka is also developing well and SWB Directory more hotels and guesthouses are being built. So when it comes to accommodation – Sosnówka has a lot to offer. Corporate parties and events are also often held in the Jeleniogórska Valley, and the phrase ” Sosnówka hotel ” entere into the search engine will show that you can choose from many interesting facilities. Hotel Sosnówka near Karpacz, Dwór Korona Karkonosze Sosnówka offers accommodation in various types of facilities. The historic ones, with a unique genius loci.

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