ID in the form filled in step

After clicking on the submit button. You will receive a token number which will also be sent to your email 7. Proceed with the PAN application. Form (With this token number you can fill your. Form anytime as mentioned in Step 2).PAN number Step 9: A new page will open. You can submit your documents online or informally as per your choice. PAN Online and Offline Documents Step 10: You can also choose to get a physical PAN card or not. Physical PAN and Aadhaar card Step 11: Enter your Aadhaar and other details. Entering your parent’s details (or one of them) is mandatory.

Your father’s name is also written in your PAN card

If your mother is a single parent, just Japan Mobile Number List fill her details (), click Next . Aadhaar details PAN Card Parent Details Parent details Step 12: On the Contact details page , you must mention your source of income and address and contact information. Click Next . PAN source of income PAN source of income PAN source of income PAN Address phone, email and evaluation Step 13: Next you need to fill the AO Code (Assessment Officer Code) details. In case you don’t know the code, then you can find it according to your state and city with the help of the table below. After selecting AO, click Next.

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PAN Code AO Step 14

The last step is Document and Declaration. Make Latvia Phone Number List sure to fill all the required details in all the above steps. Declaration of PAN Step 15: After submitting the form, confirm the comprehensive verification and confirm all your details. Pay Toward Payment (Payment can be made to PAN through Demand Draft, Debit / Credit Card or Wallet or even through Network Banking).Payment of PAN Step 16: Upon successful payment, the receipt will be paid. Click Continue. PAN payment receipt Step 17: Now for Aadhaar Authentication, tick the declaration and select Specify option. Also, read | Now you can download Voter ID Card PDF: All you need to know Step 18: Check Continue with e-KYC.

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