Ecobee Smart Camera Now it’s better to be a baby monitor

Wi-Fi Security cameras may already work well as baby monitors, but they are not up to the task. Special monitors for children are usually better, but thanks to a new update , the ecobee Smart Camera is still the best dual use case. Or at least you will turn on the siren and not wake the child again. And you can use any old security camera if you want, but the ecobee upgrade is awesome for anyone with a toddler. During setup, you can now select “Control Monitor Mode” and it will make instant changes to the way the camera operates.

Some changes will keep your child more comfortable

Such as dimming the camera’s LEDs at Indonesia Mobile Number List night and making it harder to activate the siren. Others should give you peace of mind. By enabling Monitor Mode, you gain access to permanent audio-only mode. You don’t always have to look smaller; most of the time, just hearing them will be enough. With continuous audio mode, you can switch to other apps or lock your phone and you’ll still hear your child. If something catches your eye, go back to the ecobee app (for iOS and Android) to take a video.

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If you want, you can activate the selective audio mode

Which will focus on the sounds your little one Iran Phone Number List makes and cancel the background noise. Since it is a security camera, you can set up motion zones around the crib or play area when you alert your child without moving outside the zone. You can play white noise with Alexa built into the camera, and of course there’s two-way audio. The upgrade is free for all Smart Camera ecobee owners, and the company has even put together a “Sweet Dreams Baby Kit” that includes a camera, an ecobee motion sensor, and a thermostat. You’ll spend $50 less on the bundle than buying the individual items.

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