Book Appointments For Inbounding Your Products

Wait for Lazada approval. Once approved, the team will create your account in the Inbound Scheduling Tool (IST). Your email registered with Lazada will be used in registration.

Click Forgot Your Password. After changing your password, you can log in to your account and then choose a warehouse address based on your incoming orders. You can then book an order appointment for your inbound product.

After that, you must book a pick-up agreement for your FBL product

To do so, go to Do the same process to change your password using your Lazada registered email and then login. Fill in the details and then submit your request.

Make sure your product is ready upon the arrival of the driver as he will only be waiting up to 15 minutes max. If your products are rejected, they will be returned to you within five working days.

Once your product arrives at the warehouse, it won’t be long before you can see the movements in your sales reports and inventory pages right from BMS.

FBL Score Card
In using FBL, you will incur four phone number list types of fees: fulfillment, kitting, collection, and storage fees. Holding costs cover all warehouse operations such as picking, packing, and order entry. Kitting relates to the prep work your product requires such as repackaging or adding an extra line of protection to your product by wrapping it in plastic film or bags. FBL rates do not include GST. You need to consider this when recalculating your bill.

Lazada Philippines
Fulfillment Fee
Standard 30PHP per item
Big 90PHP per item
thick 260PHP per item

Here are the criteria for determining the size of your product package

phone number list

Standard – the longest side must be under 50 cm and weigh less than 15 kg
Large – the longest side must be between 50 cm and 105 cm. The weight must be less than 15 kg
Bulky – a package is considered large if its longest side is more than 150 cm or if it weighs more than 15 kg.
As for the kitting fee, it will only cost you 5 PHP per item. For storage fees, if your product stays in the storage facility for less than 60 days, the storage fee will be waived. If more than 60 days, the SWB Directory standard rate is 790 PHP per/month. Per cubic centimeter.

There is no standard rate for pick-up fees. This may vary per person and will be communicated separately.

Lazada Singapore
Lazada SG recently lifted long term storage temporarily due to COVID-19. This will change at the end of the pandemic. The rates that will be discussed here are the shipping rates depending on the customer’s shipping options (i.e. FBL Standard and FBL Priority).

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