Fbl Business Management System

BMS deals with online portal where you can manage your FBL items. It comes with an easy to use interface and a Live Inventory Stock Monitoring System. This means you can see your stock count and inventory movement in real time. There are also entry and exit management features and automatic claim submission. This means that in case of damage and loss, you will get insurance from FBL. You can submit an automatic claim submission for reimbursement.

How To Register For FBL

So to start selling your FBL products, here’s what you have to do:
Fulfillment by Lazada – Overview of Lazada Fulfillment Services by Split Dragon
Access FBL Through Lazada Seller Center
Log in to your Lazada Seller Center account and hover over the Products side menu. Click Fulfillment by Lazada.
Click Management Platform Products
Fulfillment by Lazada – Overview of Lazada Fulfillment Services by Split Dragon
You will get a list of products registered in your Lazada seller account.
Create your FBL SKU
Click Create Fulfillment SKU next to the product you want to add to FBL.
Enter your Details
You must fill in the basic information and logistics attributes. Click Create after doing so.
 If you want to add multiple products, you can bulk fulfill but you have to fill in certain details in the excel file.
Fulfillment by Lazada – Overview whatsapp mobile number list of Lazada Fulfillment Services by Split Dragon
After that, you must book a pick-up agreement for your FBL product. To do so, go to  . Do the same process to change your password using your Lazada registered email and then login. Fill in the details and then submit your request.
Make sure your product is ready upon the arrival of the driver as he will only be waiting up to 15 minutes max. If your products are rejected, they will be returned to you within five working days.
Once your product arrives at the warehouse, it won’t be long before you can see the movements in your sales reports and inventory pages right from BMS.

Click Bulk Create SKU Fulfillment

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Download the template and fill in the information. Pay attention to the required fields, namely Barcode, Shelf Life Management, and Serial Number Management.
After saving the file, upload it to the page and then click OK.
Fulfillment by Lazada – Overview SWB Directory of Lazada Fulfillment Services by Split Dragon
Create Incoming Order
Once you have created your fulfillment SKU, go to Ship To Warehouse under the Inventory side menu.
Click Create New IO (Incoming Order).
Fulfillment by Lazada – Overview of Lazada Fulfillment Services by Split Dragon
Fill in the following details:
Basic information and sellers
Comments (optional)
Submit Request
Check the “I have read the instructions” sign-in guide box and then click submit.
Book Appointments For Inbounding Your Products
Wait for Lazada approval. Once approved, the team will create your account in the Inbound Scheduling Tool (IST). Your email registered with Lazada will be used in registration.
Click Forgot Your Password. After changing your password, you can log in to your account and then choose a warehouse address based on your incoming orders. You can then book an order appointment for your inbound product.

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