ESG principles and customer care in the telco sector

It also improves communication, making it easier for companies to fully and transparently share their. ESG initiatives with stakeholders (customers, investors and regulators) in real time. Through reporting and online channels. Furthermore, the connectivity and accessibility provided by digitalization are key to enabling companies. To reach and interact with diverse communities and promote social inclusion and diversity. ESG criteria are not limited to a company’s physical operations. They extend to every aspect of its interactions with customers, including the realm of customer care. For this reason, even in the telecommunications sector. Where digital customer support services are now an established reality. The importance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles cannot in any way be underestimated.

Consumer Expectations

Consumers today have higher expectations about the ethical, social and environmental practices of the companies they interact with, including telecommunications service providers. The connection between ESG principles and improving customer satisfaction Canada WhatsApp Data in the telecommunications sector is crucial in several respects. This approach results in significant cost savings associated with managing customer communications. Improving the environmental impact achieved through digitalization and simplified processes is not only an environmentally responsible choice. But can also be monetized. Doxee products , for example, allow telecommunications companies to transform their efforts into carbon credits, helping to make business operations more sustainable while creating potential financial benefits.

WhatsApp Data

Alignment with target audience values:

Adopting ESG principles allows telecommunications companies to address concerns such as environmental sustainability and business practices in a way that is perceived as more authentic and effective. Building a relationship of trust through India WhatsApp Number List transparent communications: communicating ESG initiatives openly, in a timely and documented manner strengthens trust. Customer Engagement: Meeting ESG expectations can help reduce churn, resulting in stronger long-term customer relationships. Involving customers in ESG initiatives through campaigns and educational challenges deepens their connection to the company and creates opportunities for active participation.


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