Shipping companies will recover 400 million euros

The Government approves the first item Puertos del Estado, an entity chaire by Fernando González Laxe, must reimburse nearly 400 million euros to the different port Shipping companies will operators. This is establishe in the different rulings of the Constitutional Court that declare illegal the rates charged by the Port Authorities between 1996 and 2003. In the last Council of Ministers, Development has obtaine an extraordinary credit of 90.5 million euros to begin to solve the problem.  The Supreme Court and the National .

Court have warne since 1996 that

The rates charged at ports did not comply with legality. “The rates were set by the Ministry by ministerial order and not by law, therefore they were establishe illegally says manuel Canada WhatsApp Number Data  Carlier.  General Director of ANAVE .  The main association of shipping companies at the national level. “A price charge by a public entity is not a private price but a rate and this must be regulate by law,” adds Manuel Carlier. Even so, the different ports continue to charge them. The different port operators are now demanding the return of the T-3 rate. The problem with this rate is that it was charge as a private rate and not as a public rate.

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The allocation approve the Council

Ministers allocates 4.8 million to the Port Authority of Malaga, 1.4 million to Pontevedra, 53.8 million to Tarragona, 7.8 to Barcelona and 22.8 million euros to the port of Valencia. According to  Arabia Whatsapp Number List sector sources consulte by El Confidencial Digital .  This problem at State Ports joins those that could be cause by the reform of the Ports Law. The new legislation suggests that Port Authorities look for their own clients and be commercial. These changes will allow ports to play with their rates by 15% up or down. Fernando González Laxe has declare that this regulation seeks financial self-sufficiency . A minimum profitability of 2.5% and that the ports stop depending on the State budgets.

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