Pulse for power in the Boxes

Isidro Fainé (La Caixa) emerges as the “natural solution” at the head of the CECA but the emergence of the ‘outsider’ Braulio Medel again is not ruled out Maximum expectation before the extraordinary board of directors of the Savings Banks’ employers’ association that will be held next Tuesday, in which they must elect a new president of the CECA. Isidro Fainé seems to have gained support among the entities against his ‘rival’, Amado Franco. But internally the emergence of a third candidate is not ruled out. ources from the employers’ association confirm that Fainé himself , president of La  forward and officially present his candidacy.

However, the possibility of an ‘outsider

appearing to try to take over the position is not excluded. This is an alternative now not openly manage .  Which would seek to achieve consensus in the event that the other two  HongKong Telegram Number Data options get stuck: Braulio Medel .  The president of Unicaja. Medel.  Vice president of the CECA.  Together with Fainé himself, Rodrigo Rato (Caja Madrid) and Modesto Crespo (CAM), was one of the most active in requesting, on March 17, in Seville, a postponement in the presidential vote until obtaining the maximum agreement. He also emphasize that, in order to appoint a new head of the employers’ association.  It was first necessary for the position to be vacant: Quintás then decide to present his resignation, which will be effective next Tuesday.

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The same sources recall that Medel himself

Already trie days before the meeting last March to obtain enough support to run for the presidency. However, once it was confirme that he did not have the necessary votes, he took  Canada Telegram Number a step back . Fainé the “natural solution” Fainé has the implicit support of the Government and part of the PP, who see him as the best option to pilot the important challenge that the savings banks now face: a profound restructuring of the sector, a reorganization of the financial system with ample respite . Minister Elena Salgado and the president of the Bank of Spain .  Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez .  Can barely contain their impatience in public. They want the savings banks to address this change “ as soon as possible ” and for the horizon to be clear by mid-year.

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