Why is the patient experience digital today more than ever?

When we talk about digital patient experience we mean the result of a progressive process of digitalisation of interactions between patients and healthcare organisation, at every moment of the treatment journey. Let’s try to delve deeper into this passage. In the same way as communication, which cannot ignore digital tools, a patient experience must first of all be digital to live up to the expectations of contemporary consumers. By integrating digital technology into the patient’s journey, healthcare organizations are personalizing healthcare interactions through innovative solutions and ultimately improving the patient experience.

The preference given by consumers to digital means

Used more and more frequently to access healthcare, is growing steadily year after year, also in the Healthcare sector. Around 60% of consumers search online when they want to find a new supplier. A similar percentage visits the websites of several Israel WhatsApp Data professionals before selecting one. And 40% of consumers prefer to book appointments online, an increase of 15 percentage points over the past five years (Patient Access Journey Report, 2021, Kyruus). In the analyzes on Digital Health contained in the Digital 2023 Global Overview Report published by Meltwater, it is highlighted that, globally, almost 2 billion consumers used e-health devices and services in January 2023, for a total value of almost 7 billion of dollars in revenues, with an increase of almost 12% compared to 2022. We are talking about approximately 33 dollars per single user.

WhatsApp Data

In light of these data

we can easily predict that organizations in the sector not yet equipped to offer an online experience have now accumulated a perhaps unbridgeable delay Spain WhatsApp Number List in attracting and retaining patients. Providing a quality digital experience for patients appears essential, now more than ever. To attract users and create a relationship based on trust with them, make the healthcare marketing strategy effective and optimize the proposals also from a commercial point of view, healthcare service providers must make an effort to understand consumers’ online behaviors in depth . In fact, the ability to adapt to the changing needs expressed by users is the key to producing a significant impact on the perception that patients form of a care experience (which, as we have said, today encompasses multiple points of contact).


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